Practical Items You Need When Welcoming a New Baby

Practical Items You Need When Welcoming a New Baby

November 28, 2023

Welcoming a new baby into your family is such an exciting time! While it may feel overwhelming to plan out all of the items you will need as you await the baby’s arrival, today we are sharing a simple list of items to support caring for your baby in a naturalistic way! If you are currently building a baby registry, these are all items you are going to want to consider including on that list. There are so many baby items on the market today that can cause you to question what you truly need, but taking a step back and trusting your instincts is a great place to start.

 Planning baby registry

By choosing items that naturally meet the needs of a baby as they develop through the little years, you can be sure that you are prepared to care for them in a way that promotes healthy growth and development. Babies come into the world dependent on their parents to meet their every need. They require much touch, closeness and responsiveness to allow their little bodies to thrive. Some of the most beneficial ways to support their development include being prepared with items that will help them to feel safe, secure and nurtured! Here are our top recommendations for items that will help aid in doing exactly that:

Baby Wearing Carrier
Babywearing Carrier:

Babies need to feel the closeness of their caregiver for comfort, especially in the first year of life. That natural human touch is essential for soothing them, and holding them often is a great way to meet this need. While snuggling your baby is probably something you don’t need to be convinced to do, there may be times when you feel you need to set them down so you can accomplish other tasks around the house. This could be anything from cooking to cleaning. This is where a great babywearing carrier becomes very handy! By using a carrier, you can keep your baby close to your body, while having the freedom to use your hands to complete other necessary tasks. There are various styles of babywearing carriers on the market, so be sure to think about the kinds of features of each that may be beneficial. Perhaps you want to consider adding a couple of variations to your registry based on the benefits of each! Soft, cloth carriers will be flexible when securing and they are gentle on yours and your baby’s skin. They are also easy to wash and are very comfortable to the newborn stage. Sling style carriers are very similar to cloth ones, as they are soft and easily cradle a baby's little body. They are also conducive to nursing if you choose to breastfeed. Structured carriers offer extra support as your little one grows and can be comfortable for you to wear as your baby nears one year of age. They are also helpful if you enjoy taking your little one out on walks or small hikes. The adjustable straps and extra material throughout help to evenly distribute the baby’s weight as you move about. 

Sound Machine:

In utero, babies hear all sorts of sounds, including Mama’s heartbeat, digestion noises and so forth. Once they are born, mimicking these sounds helps to comfort them. Having a sound machine for sleep time is helpful. You can keep it in the nursery where it can easily be turned on and off as needed. There are also small, portable versions that are great for traveling or bringing along while the baby rides in their car seat! Adding both of these items to your registry can be a great way to prepare for soothing them with familiar sounds. Additionally, always remember that the sound of Mama’s voice is a great way to comfort them as they get very familiar with that sound while growing in the womb! By talking, singing and reading to your baby, it helps them to recognize that voice that they have grown to know so well.

Swaddle Baby


When it comes to swaddles, you can choose from swaddle blankets or the wearable kinds that feature a zipper. The choice is up to you as far as which you prefer. Some prefer the wearable kind as they may be easier to secure, while others like using a simple blanket. The key is knowing that keeping babies swaddled helps to calm and regulate their nervous system, especially when it comes time to sleep. Adding a couple of variations of swaddles can be helpful as you learn which ones best suit your baby and your own comfort level when it comes to securing it. If you are unsure of how to use a swaddle blanket, your baby’s care provider can likely demonstrate how to use it. You will learn to swaddle like a pro in no time, so don’t let the idea of swaddling scare you away from the blanket version! Likewise, the zipper ones can be beneficial as some keep their arms close while others leave their arms out of the swaddle. Different babies prefer different methods when it comes to being comforted, so don’t be afraid of a little trial and error to see which method you favor as far as swaddling!

Baby Care Coconut Oil


When it comes to products such as baby wash/shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, and so on, check the labels for natural ingredients! Avoiding products with additives and strong scents is key as your baby’s skin needs gentle care and those extra add-ins can easily irritate their skin and eyes. Strong smells from products can overwhelm their sense of smell and can even irritate their nose and throat, too. Something that can be very useful and is all natural is coconut oil! Organic coconut oil can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a diaper cream, nursing cream, it can help treat cradle cap, and moisturizes skin (for baby and Mama!) Adding this to your registry list is so helpful.

Baby Bottles and Baby Formula

Bottles & Formula:

If you choose to solely bottle feed or to supplement, adding bottles to your registry will be necessary! Finding a bottle with a nipple that closely mimics the breast is key. While some babies prefer one bottle style over the other, taking into consideration the natural shape of the breast is important as it sets your little one up for a successful latch and feeding sessions. If you are bottle feeding, you can also add formula to your registry! Be sure to check out the Best European Organic Baby Formula ( that is made from only the very best ingredients and is designed to meet baby’s unique needs as they grow through each developmental stage.

Diapers & Wipes:

In this area, you can choose between disposable diapers and wipes or cloth diapers. This is a matter of preference, but a great item to add to your registry nonetheless! You may choose to use one version at home and a different version on the go. Or maybe you just want to stick with one or the other. Regardless, you will have lots of diaper changes in the future one your sweet baby arrives, so planning for the diapers and wipes you will need is a wonderful way to prepare.

Baby Diapers

This is an item that helps keep the air comfortable for all of the people in your home! We recommend placing one in the main space where your baby will sleep as it aids in making the area more conducive to easy breathing and rest.

Smaller Items to Stock:

Little things, like a nose sucker for excess snot, a good quality baby nail file/clipper, thermometer, baby brush and pacifiers are all great items to add to your registry! These items are easy to store in a drawer in the nursery or in your diaper bag, where they can be easily accessed. They are all useful in their own ways and help to keep babies happy and cared for.

Larger Items:

A good quality car seat and stroller travel system, car seat mirrors for the car, a crib or otherwise designated separate or co-sleeping space plus the accompanying sheets, changing pad and comfortable rocker are all bigger items that you will need to consider! You may also consider a baby lounge seat that is easy to move from room to room as it is convenient to set the baby in if you need to shower or complete another task that requires you to set them down. For these items, going to see them in person at a baby store can help you to really visualize the exact versions you prefer. The key with all of these bigger items is to ensure they are good quality for safety reasons, and comfortable, as you and your little one will be spending much time utilizing them.

Items Especially for Mama:

While you will likely spend a whole lot of time adding items to your registry for your baby, please remember that it is just as important to plan for Mama’s postpartum journey, too! A mother’s body goes through so many changes to bring that little life into the world, and preparing for life after the baby's arrival is vital to meeting the mother’s needs so that she can best care for that baby. Things like comfortable loungewear, nursing friendly tops, bras and nursing pads if applicable, and a cozy robe and slippers are great for Mama to wear around the house. There are also specially curated postpartum care kits and natural hygiene products that are designed to help her to heal physically after birth and these can be so helpful to have stocked in her bathroom so that they are ready to go!

New Baby
Food for the Whole Family

Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth, ensuring that you have enough healthy meals, snacks and plenty of water available after the baby arrives is imperative. Planning ahead and making some freezer meals and stocking easy to grab snacks like protein bars, healthy trail mixes and dried fruit are a wise idea. Share with family and friends that one of the most beneficial gifts to give a new parent is the gift of healthy food so that the need for nourishment is met for the whole family!

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Have you added any of the above items to your registry or do you have suggestions of your own that have been helpful!? Let us know in the comments below! 

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