Holle Stage 4 Organic Formula

    • Holle Formula Stage 4

      • Ideal for babies after 12 months until 3 years of age
      • High-quality Organic Demeter Milk
      • No Artificial Chemicals or Preservatives
      • No genetically modified ingredients
      • Easy to digest
      • Ideal for bottle feeding and preparation of porridges
      • Ethical farming practices


      Holle Stage 4 Baby Formula is best suited for toddlers aged 12 months and onward. It is recommended as a part of a balanced diet and can be mixed for example with cereals, used in a nice warm porridge or combined with other mashed foods. Each box is 600 grams

      By 12 months your child will be eating a variety of different foods, drinking water and perhaps also some fruit juices. It is quite likely that they may still be having the occasional bottle or sippy cup of toddler milk formula. Bottle feeding is not unusual at this age as many toddlers still love to have a bottle at bedtime before they got go sleep.

      Holle 4 Formula has the great advantage of containing important protein ratio that is well suited for the needs of fast-growing children. Your child will go through a number of growth spurts and you'll learn to recognize these phases and the accompanying need for extra food, drink, and sleep. Holle Stage 4 is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are derived from organic vegetable oil. These fatty acids stimulate and encourage the growth of the brain and are not something the body naturally develops. They must be absorbed from food.

      It also contains valuable vitamins and minerals that support your toddler’s developmental needs. Made from the very best quality demeter milk, you can feel happy in your choice of Holle Stage 4 Toddler formula and know it’s a company you can trust.

      Holle Baby Formula Stage 4 contains no artificial chemicals or preservatives, which can be found in regular milk, which is a major plus for the health-conscious parent who wants only the best for their toddler. It also has no genetically modified ingredients, contains no added sugar, and it's also gluten-free. Lots of little ones have trouble with gluten and the rough effect on their delicate tummies and digestions so this is a great benefit for sensitive bellies.

      This growing up formula is made from milk that comes from cows raised on biodynamic farms. This farming method has become increasingly popular over recent decades with a push towards sustainable and natural farming that builds a future for the next generations. This means that not only are you choosing a healthy and natural baby formula but that the farming method is kind and considerate of our beloved animal friends.

      Holle exceeds organic regulations of the European Union in the production of their organic baby food and this for you, as parents, means that you can trust that you are choosing a nutritious formula where you can rely on the high quality of the milk.

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Megan H.
United States

Great Service

Delivery very fast

Louise Armstrong

Best toddler formula and best shop to buy it from!

Shipping only took 1 day and they always answer emails faster than any other company I purchased products from in the last years. We couldnt be happier and my little babygirl is growing and thriving! I am so happy I found a reliable and safe source to buy Holle formula from! Thank you Organicbabyfood.shop! You guys rock!


Thanks Louise :) We are always here to help!

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