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Holle organic infant formula is one of, if not the best, baby formula in the world! Founded in 1933, Holle laid the first foundation for an organic baby formula and has since become the leading company in Europe for biodynamic agriculture. Holle produces higher quality products than any other manufacturer, all based around their philosophy of anthroposophical principles and biodynamic quality. 

When it comes to Holle’s baby formula, it is made using only raw ingredients from biodynamic or organic agriculture that are free of any chemical processes and preservatives. As one of the most recommended baby formulas worldwide, Holle is proud to offer precisely the nourishment your growing baby needs in these important first months of his life. Holle is certified by Demeter Standards, which is the largest certification for biodynamic agriculture and the first organic label for foods.

Here at Organic Baby Food Shop, we offer Holle formula stages one to four as well as the pre-stage option. We also stock Holle goat milk formula for babies with more sensitive tummies. Our prices are the lowest you’ll find in the U.S. This, coupled with fast, free shipping and excellent customer service, make it no wonder so many parents choose us for where to buy Holle formula for their little ones.