HiPP HA Stage Pre Combiotic Formula

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    • HiPP HA Pre Stage Baby Formula

      • 600g per box
      • Ideal for newborn babies
      • Makes 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula
      • Gluten- and starch-free
      • No added soy, wheat, or nuts
      • Natural Lactic Acid Cultures
      • Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) prebiotics
      • Hypoallergenic (HA) for babies who show signs of allergies


      HIPP Combiotic Pre HA baby formula is perfect for babies from birth to 6 months who show signs of allergies. It is suitable for exclusive formula feeding or as a supplement for breast milk, and is the best formula for milk protein allergy-prone babies.

      This hypoallergenic formula was specifically developed for babies who show symptoms of a milk allergy or intolerance. The formula contains hydrolyzed dairy, which means that the milk proteins have been broken down into very small pieces, avoiding detection by the immune system and therefore also avoiding allergic reactions.

      While HiPP recommends breastfeeding, HiPP has developed this formula to closely resemble breast milk for when breastfeeding is not possible. This HiPP HA formula does not contain Maltodextrin or starch, meaning your baby won’t feel a false sense of fullness — and at this important stage of your baby’s life, you want them to get all of the important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need for essential growth and health.

    • HiPP HA Pre is easy to digest, made with ingredients that are gentle on your baby's stomach. By choosing HiPP Hypoallergenic, you are choosing a formula that contains no added sugar, no GMOs, no hormones, and no steroids. What’s more, this formula is free of artificial chemicals and flavoring and it also has no added preservatives.

      HiPP’s Hypoallergenic Combiotic formula for newborns has a high protein content and contains probiotics, prebiotics (including GOS), and fish oil to provide your baby with the highest quality nutrition. It also provides babies with a wide range of critical vitamins including C, E, A, B1, B6, K, and D.

      Choosing a formula for your little one — especially when they are so small — can be overwhelming with so many options on the market. With HiPP, you know that you’re giving your little one the best. Not only does HiPP use ingredients they can stand behind; they also source these ingredients from biodynamic farms that operate sustainably for a better world.

      Check out the reviews of HiPP’s HA Combiotic formula below to hear what other parents think. Or reach out to us directly with any questions you may have. We’re happy to help as you find the best option for your baby!

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Hipp Ha

Service was great. Very easy and fast shipping. Unfortunately the formula did not work out with baby’s tummy. I was super excited about this formula but it wasn’t the right one for my son.

United States United States

Hipp ha pre

Great and very fast service. Hipp ha pre is only one formula working for our son. We have tried several different ones.

Sarah S.
United States United States

Lack of transparency

This is not a true hypoallergenic (HA) formula. After doing some further research and speaking with a doctor we found that in Europe they are only required to show “reduced risk of reactivity” to label as hypoallergenic. In the US, it is required that the formula show its tolerated by 90% of babies with CMPA in clinical trials. HIPP HA would be equivalent to Bobbie Gentle or Gerber GentlePro in the US. We noticed an allergic reaction quite quickly when we fed this to our LO (regretting not doing more due diligence on the front end; lesson learned). It’s quite frustrating the lack of transparency this company is offering regarding its formula options. To top it off, we had to argue over multiple days (via email) with customer support to get a refund for this product. This site doesn’t have a viable phone number to call for customer support. If your baby doesn’t need a true HA formula, I’d suggest using Bobbie Gentle. The customer service at Bobbie is top notch and the product is extremely similar. If you’re like us and unfortunately need a true HA formula, look elsewhere! TL;DR: do not feed this to your baby if they have CMPA; it’s not a true HA formula! Customer service here is terrible!

James S.
United States United States

Lack of Transparency

We purchased HIPP HA for our baby with CMPA. We then found that this formula is not truly HA! It’s 86% hydrolyzed (versus what most US formulas are, which is 100% hydrolyzed). After consulting with a doctor we found that in Europe they are only required to show “reduced risk of reactivity” to label as hypoallergenic. In the US, it is required that the formula show its tolerated by 90% of babies with CMPA in clinical trials. HIPP HA would actually be equivalent to Bobbie Gentle or Gerber GentlePro in the US. This information is hard to find (it is not clearly stated on this website), and caused us to encounter an allergic episode in our baby after feeding her HIPP HA. We should have done more research on our own prior to using HIPP HA (regretting that), as this website is lacking transparency about the formula it sells. To top it off, customer service was terrible. We had to argue with them for multiple days via email to get a refund. They have no phone number to contact them by. If your baby doesn’t need true HA formula, go with Bobbie Gentle. Their customer service is amazing and their gentle formula should stack right up to HIPP HA. We unfortunately can’t use their formula because our baby needs a true HA 100% hydrolyzed formula for her CMPA management. TL;DR: do not shop here & if your baby has CMPA do not use HIPP HA!!

United States United States


Our daughter was extremely colicky and in noticeable discomfort. We heard about HIPP HA from a friend and didn’t hesitate to give it a try as we were exhausted and wanted some relief for our baby. We noticed a difference the second we started her on it. She is no longer fussy or gassy, and within the first week she’s a much happier baby! The shipping was quick, even with our remote location. I would highly recommend this formula!

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