Holle Stage 1 Organic Formula

  • Holle Formula Stage 1

    • From birth until 6 months of age
    • Premium quality organic Demeter milk
    • No added sugar or corn syrup
    • Gluten-free and Soy-free 
    • Easily digestible
    • No genetic engineering (No GMO)
    • No added preservatives
    • Strictly pollutant-controlled
    • Recommended by Pediatricians around the world
    • Exclusively from organic farming


    Holle Formula Stage 1 is a great quality baby formula suitable from newborn babies up to 6 months of age. It is an excellent supplement for breast milk and can also be used exclusively. It is really easy to digest and parents around the world love it for the natural, organic ingredients.

    Holle Stage 1 contains no added sugar, steroids or hormones. It also contains no artificial chemicals or flavoring. It also has no corn syrup and it’s a gluten free and soy free milk formula. This formula is perfect for ethical parents looking for healthy organic baby formula.

    Holle Organic Formula Stage 1 contains essential fatty acids and nutrients that your baby needs to grow up healthy and strong! It’s made with premium quality organic Demeter milk. This means that the formula has been produced with the highest European organic standards from free-range, happy, well cared-for cows. They are reared naturally on the very best food to produce the very best quality milk.

    Rest assured that Holle and Organic Baby Food Shop pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of your infant formula and all packages and products are checked accordingly.

    Have a look at the great testimonials from happy customers and our excellent shipping and delivery options. Don’t just believe us, believe the people that buy this formula from us on a monthly basis!

    This Infant formula is completely natural and uses the best quality ingredients and Demeter milk from the South of Germany. Means, you are choosing a baby formula that has been produced in biodynamic Demeter farms that care and are dedicated to health and sustainability. They don’t use artificial chemicals in the soil and instead use herbal and mineral fertilizers. We love the thought that cows raised on biodynamics farms are happier and healthier animals.

    Once your baby turns 6 months old you can move to Holle Stage 2 Formula which better meets the developing needs of your little one’s rapid growth.

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United States


Love ordering from organic baby food shop! They never disappoint! Best formula on the market!


Thank you so much for such a great review of organicbabyfood.shop :) We are so happy to be able to send you the best formula, at the best prices and fastest shipping possible!

United States

Amazing formula and customer service.

Formula has worked perfectly for supplementing for low breast milk supply. Customer service is second to none - they responded within an hour both times I sent an email.


Thank you so much for your review of Holle Stage 1 :) Great to hear that it is working well for supplementing! And we are so grateful that you appreciate our customer service - our team strives to be available night and day to help and to answer questions as quickly as possible. As parents ourselves, we know how important it is when you have a question or need some advice that you receive an answer ASAP! Thanks again for a great organicbabyfood.shop review :)

Nana Amy

Amazing stuff here!

Within three days of supplementing breast milk with Holle Pre, my premie grandson was way less colicky and gassy. We used Pre for a month and half and then switched to Stage 1. He turned two months yesterday and is rolling over, scooching along on his belly, laughing, responding with smiles and giggles, incredibly alert and sleeps soundly during naps and at night. I'm stunned! I highly recommend this formula!!


We are so happy that your grandson is doing so great on Holle Stage 1. Thank you so much for your review and for sharing the story of your grandson thriving with our organic formulas. All the best to you, your family and the little one :).

United States

Great Price Great service

The formula works best for our daughter, as others giver her gas which means pain so we are happy to have this available. Organicbabyfoodshop has the best price and super quick shipping. Plus I love that they send a magnet with the preparation instructions!


Thank you so much for your review of Holle Stage 1! We are so happy to hear that your daughter is thriving with Holle, and we are very glad to hear she is not suffering from any more gas issues. Holle Stage 1 has minimal ingredients and does not contain any added sugars, preservatives, or artificial ingredients, which makes it much healthier and easier to digest. We are so happy to offer the lowest prices and fastest (free!) shipping available. So glad to hear that you enjoy the magnet... we keep it on our fridge as well to help remember the ratio and to help grandparents and babysitters! Thanks again!

Jung C.
United States

Holle Stage 1 Infant Formula

This is a wonderful formula that has worked really well with our newborn. The brand and the organic baby food shop was recommended by our pediatrician. Our order was delivered in only a couple of days.