Why Co-Sleeping Is Best For Baby

Why Co-Sleeping Is Best For Baby

March 22, 2023

If you are the parent of a baby or young child, sleep related topics are often common among conversations. It is no secret that good quality sleep contributes to overall happiness among parents and children alike, which is likely the reason why it is frequently talked about. New parents are bombarded with so many sleep related suggestions however, which immediately disrupts a parent from following their natural human intuition. Before we get too far into this, let's remember that our gut feelings & intuition are often the very best parenting tools we have. When parents are bombarded with products that are marketed with a promise to get your child to sleep, coupled with well meaning advice from friends and family members that have varying opinions, making decisions can feel overwhelming at best. We can likely all agree however that when all you are hoping for is a restful night of sleep, being overwhelmed is the last thing you want to feel. Today we are going to discuss the topic of co-sleeping and all of the benefits it offers. From commonly asked questions to the natural benefits of bedsharing, let's dive in!

 Co-Sleeping myths

What Is Co-Sleeping?

First things first, let's define co-sleeping. Co-sleeping is simply defined by families sleeping altogether in the same room. Whether on the same surface or with the child on a surface all their own that is attached to the parent's bed, this method encourages all members of a family to sleep in the same space. Co-sleeping, sometimes referred to as bedsharing, is a natural way of offering your baby the comfort of having their parents close by, all through the night. Not only does it bring the little one comfort, but it also brings parents peace of mind knowing that their child is safely sleeping right next to them. While co-sleeping offers so many benefits to a child's development, it is sometimes frowned upon by certain aspects of present day culture as well as presumed dangers that can be avoided.

Connotations Tied to Co-Sleeping

The reason bedsharing is sometimes frowned upon is because our society tends to push for children to be independent, to self soothe and it encourages parents to get their children sleeping in their own rooms as a way of avoiding dependent, spoiled children who rely on their parents for every comfort as they grow. Additionally, parents are often given false information that co-sleeping will not only hinder their children from developing into independent individuals, but that it could be dangerous. Potential dangers of suffocation is a valid concern, however there are many precautions that can eliminate it. All of these myths however can cause parents to fear judgment from others. While this topic can be controversial due to the connotation sometimes tied to it, we are going to debunk the myths that are linked to this sleep method!

 co-sleeping benefits

Benefits of Bedsharing 

If you co-sleep with your little one(s), rest assured that babies and young children will always benefit from responsive parenting. There is no such thing as spoiling a baby! In fact, babies who are raised with parents who are attentive and respond promptly to their needs for comfort develop through their childhood with the comfort of knowing that their needs will be met. This is huge for brain development, it lowers a child's release of stress hormones and contributes to  children growing into well adjusted children and young adults. Also, studies have shown that children who sleep in their parents' bedrooms are safest

In the beginning of time, parents slept with their babies and children as a way to keep them protected and ensure survival. It is quite literally part of our human nature to care for our young whether sleeping or awake! While living conditions have certainly changed over the years, the one thing that has remained the same is a baby's reliance on their mother for nourishment, warmth, comfort, and so on. It has been proven that while bed sharing provides a little one with comfort through the night, it also comforts mothers! Mothers often wake through the night to check on their young child to be sure they are ok. When that child is right next to them, it is much easier to settle back into a restful state opposed to getting up, walking to the child's room, peeking in, sneaking out, climbing back in bed and getting back to sleep. Often just feeling their little one snoozing right next to them is enough to avoid being woken from a mother's restful state. This alone contributes to more sleep for all! If a mother is nursing, bed sharing makes night time feeds much easier, too! Children will always move on and show more independence to sleep alone once ready, but until then, there is no reason to sacrifice all these benefits and snuggles!

why co-sleeping is best
Addressing Concerns

While the emotional and developmental benefits are clear, some still hold valid concerns that sharing a sleep space with their small child could be potentially dangerous due to pillows or blankets covering their faces or them rolling out. However, research shows that when proper precautions are followed, those dangers are eliminated. Parents who are sleeping with a little one in their bed should avoid medications, smoking, alcohol, and take all precautions necessary to ensure a safe sleep setting. Also, the child should always sleep closely to their mother as a mother's intuition will naturally kick in to keep the baby safe through the night. By laying the little one next to the mother with fluffy pillows and heavy blankets tucked safely away from the child's face, you can ensure safe sleep for all.This actually enables a mother to check on their baby through the night avoid SIDS while keeping a close eye that their safety and comfort needs are all being met.

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