Holle Stage 2 Organic Formula

    • Holle Formula Stage 2

      • Ideal for babies after 6 months
      • Superior quality Organic Demeter milk
      • Easily digestible and tender for sensitive babies
      • Contains fatty acids and nutrients your baby needs to develop
      • Iron-fortified
      • No added preservatives
      • Strictly pollutant-controlled
      • Exclusively from organic farming


      Holle Stage 2 is a marvelous baby formula for little ones aged 6 months to 10 months old. We love Holle because they are a genuine and Demeter certified organic farmer brand. They’re dedicated to using natural ingredients only and their baby foods are pesticide,preservatives and chemical free. Each box is 600 grams.

      You can use Holle Formula Stage 2 on its own or also as a supplement for breast milk if you decide to keep breastfeeding past the 6-month mark. You can mix it with cereals or smoothies and use it to make your banana mash even creamier for your baby to enjoy their first baby foods.

      Holle Baby Formula Stage 2 has very important fatty acids and rich, beneficial nutrients which your baby needs to grow up big and strong with a nicely balanced diet.

      Holle Formula Stage 2 strictly exceeds international Demeter regulations, means the milk used for this formula is of the very highest quality and comes from cows raised only on biodynamic fields and pastures. A big plus for parents seeking natural, healthy and real organic baby formula.

      One of the things we love best about Holle Bio 2 is that it’s really tender on the belly so babies with digestion problems can find this formula easy to process, helping them absorb all the valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals with more ease.

      Holle Baby Formula is free of artificial flavoring, contains no added sugar, GMO or hormones. It is an excellent choice for planet-friendly parents who want to help build a sustainable future for our little ones.

      You can give Holle Organic Stage 2 Infant Formula to your baby up to 10 months before making the switch to Holle Organic Stage 3 Toddler Formula because toddlers need a whole bunch of different dietary needs with their cute energy and increased ability to move around.

      If you are looking to buy Holle baby formula in the USA please contact our friendly local customer service. We would love to chat with you and answer your questions or hear your feedback.

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United States


Super customer service, fast delivery and baby loves product.


Thank you so much for your review! It is truly our pleasure, and we love supplying your baby with the best organic formula in the world!

United States

Love this shop and Formula

I have been more than impressed with this site and store. I order our formula, it gets delivered quickly and promptly, and the rewards program is great. Our son was EBF until about 9 and 1/2 months when I started having issues with my milk and I really was hesitant to use formula. This formula has been great for us, he is growing like a ****, and we have had no tummy or taste issues making the switch. I am so happy I am able to get this formula from a great shop, and I have recommended this store to all of my other Mom friends who have babies that will soon be in the same boat as mine.


Thank you so much for such a lovely review of Holle Stage 2! We are so happy to send you the best formula in the world. It is great to hear that your son is growing so quickly :) Thanks again!

camille c.
United States

always my go to!

always know I can depend on a speedy delivery with exactly what I ordered! Wish I knew about this 6 years ago with my first. Always recommending this site to other mommas!

United States

Love Holle and Organicbabyfood shop

Holle made switching from breastfeeding to formula a breeze - no fussing, no tummy troubles, and a happy baby. And an additional thank you to Organicbabyfood Shop for being super responsive and helpful when I was running short on formula and needed help getting my order faster. Great formula, great company!

Jessica H.
United States

Again one of the best

We are on Stage 2 and starting foods and our little man. He just loves this formula so much he gets so stinking excited when he sees the bottle! I love it as a parent comparing it to other formulas offered here in the USA there is a clear difference in the quality for this formula.

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