Lebenswert Stage 1 Bio Organic Formula

  • Lebenswert Formula Stage 1

    • 100% certified organic infant formula
    • Easy to digest
    • Preservative-free
    • Gluten and Soy-free
    • Maltodextrin and Starch-free
    • No added sugar or GMO’s
    • Premium quality and Bioland Association certified
    • Easy to follow preparations
    • Recommended by Pediatricians around the world!

    Lebenswert Stage 1 organic baby formula is an easy choice for your baby. Packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, this wonderful German organic baby formula is ideal for your baby's growth and nutrition.

    It can be used from birth, so if you find yourself needing to supplement or exclusively bottle feed, Lebenswert Formula Stage 1 is a safe and future-conscious choice for your new arrival.

    It’s easy on your baby's belly and their delicate digestive system, helping with colic and difficult gases that your baby may struggle with. You want your baby to absorb all the nutritious benefits of Lebenswert Bio Formula so good digestion is a major plus.

    This Formula is easy on your baby's digestion which leads to a being more relaxed and that will help them sleep better. It is fantastic, both for baby and parents. Babies need sleep to stimulate growth and parents need it to be fresh and full of energy to look after their newborn = it is a real win win.

    It contains no added preservatives, no gluten, no soy, no corn syrup, and no cane sugar. Lebenswert Stage 1 Formula has all natural ingredients that are beneficial for your baby's dietary nutrition.

    The great quality of the milk comes from bio farmed, happy, relaxed, free-range grass-fed cows raised without chemical or synthetic agents. So not only do you get a formula that is close to breast milk, but you also feel great that your formula choice contributes to plant protection and soil, meaning that you’re making a conscious effort towards a sustainable planet for future generations. This is a huge benefit and it’s great to see a long term view towards our planet in farming practices.

    We love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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United States

The Best!!!

So happy with the customer service and the quality of food for my baby. I searched high and low for a formula that I felt was good enough to feed to my baby... this was the best one I found! Would recommend wholeheartedly and will continue to buy it from this company. Xo.


Thank you so much for an amazing review of organicbabyfood.shop :) We are so happy to hear that your baby is doing so well with organic Lebenswert Stage 1 formula. We raised our daughter on Lebenswert and were so amazing at how well she thrived on it, so we are always glad to hear how successful it is for other babies! It really is the best formula in the world - 100% organic from free-range cows on biodynamic farms, no GMOs, no gluten, no soy, no added sugar, no preservatives, and no flavorings! Thanks again for leaving a review of Lebenswert Stage 1!

Erika P.
United States


Excellent formula! My husband and I were shocked to find that there is not a single U.S. made formula without soy or soybean oil. We’ve been looking for soy free formula since our son was born and found this website and Lebenswert formula. We are now converts! Our little man has been less gassy, spits up much less, and he is no longer a soy boy! I love this formula and will be recommending it to others!


Thank you so much for your review of Lebenswert Stage 1, Erika! It is impossible to find any formula made in the US that doesn't contain soy - which as you know is not a great ingredient for babies due to the high levels of phytoestrogens. We are so happy to hear that your little guy is feeling so much better! Thanks again for your review of organicbabyfood.shop and thank you again for all of your orders and your recommendations of us!

Brianna B.
United States

Returning Customer

Making the switch from breast milk to formula is a hard one to make. We wanted the best for our son and the best is what we got! The best product and great customer service!


Thank you so much for your great review, Brianna! It certainly is a hard choice to make - when we had to make that choice with our first daughter it was not easy, and we certainly did not want to feed her any of the formulas on shelves here in the US. At the time it was very difficult to find a good supplier of Lebenswert Stage 1, so it makes us so happy to be able to send you the best formula in the world as fast as possible and to provide the best service :) Thanks again, Brianna - we really appreciate the feedback and all of your orders!

Marianne M.
United States

The right decision for our baby!

I researched a great deal before choosing this formula. Our daughter was born 8 weeks premature. Since breastfeeding did not work out long-term, I was eager for something far better than what the American formulas on the shelf were leaving us with. While on the American formula my daughter had severe gas pains and very irregular bowel movements. Since she has been on the Lebenswert 1 she has bowel movements multiple times a day and they resemble the ones she had when on breast milk! She no longer has gas pains either. I am also extremely pleased with the customer service we have received from this company! Second to none! Thank you for everything :-)


Thank you so much for your review, Marianne! Thank you for sharing such a lovely story, and we are so incredible grateful to be able to help your little girl thrive with Lebenswert. We had the same experience with our first daughter - unable to continue breastfeeding but dismayed at the choices available on the shelves here in the US, so once we found Lebenswert it was truly a miracle. It makes us really happy to be able to share it with moms like you, and we are always delighted each time a long-time customer orders again :) Thank you so much!!

Lauren C.
United States

I always have a wonderful

I always have a wonderful experience with OrganicBabyFood Shop. They ship extremely quickly, and I always get a personal thank you note! It's the only place I order from. I highly recommend them!


Thank you so much for your review, Lauren! And thank you for all of your orders! We always love seeing a new order from our long-term customers, and we ship 6 days a week with priority mail to make sure that babies get their food as quickly as possible :) Thank you again for your kind words, it really means the world to us :)

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