About Us

Owned and operated by real parents


As new parents, we spent countless hours trying to find the best formula for infants. After reading the ingredient lists of several dozen formula boxes, we nearly gave up hope and planned to settle for the "least worst" options.

Luckily a German friend recommended that we try Lebenswert Bio formula - with only organic ingredients and no additives like extra sugar, corn syrup, soy or artificial ingredients. After more research, we found that many parents were raving about the quality of this formula, but that it was nearly impossible to find in the USA. After a long search, we found a few suppliers online, but felt we were paying way too much, receiving poor service and many times receiving packages that were near the expiration date. However, this formula was so great and healthy that we had no other option.

That is until we met with the official Lebenswert, Holle and HiPP distributor in Germany in person to build a great solution to share with families across the USA!

Today Organic Baby Food Shop provides the best organic baby formula in the world directly to thousands of parents in the USA.

We import directly from our office in Germany to our offices in Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California; New Jersey/New York; and Chicago, Illinois, and we personally check each shipment before it departs our warehouse in Germany as well as when it arrives to ensure the best quality and freshness for your baby. We ship orders daily from 4 offices (and counting!) to parents all over the USA.

Our mission is to provide easy and affordable access to the absolute best organic formula in the world, recommended by pediatricians, helping babies receive wonderful nourishment while avoiding the artificial additives in other formulas.

We provide the lowest prices, the fastest shipping, and the best customer service. Have a question? Feel free to reach out to us any time at info@organicbabyfood.shop


Meet the Organic Baby Food Shop Team 


Daniel: Our CEO and Co-Founder

organicbabyfoodshop-DanielDaniel is a citizen of the world and was born and raised in the South of Germany. He has worked for many successful international companies all over the world but always knew that in order to be truly successful one must follow his heart and ambitions. He strongly believes in the law of Karma, meaning "Do good and good will come!". Based on this philosophy Organicbabyfood.shop was founded and is now a major brand when it comes to healthy and organic baby food.

"I spent countless hours and days trying to find the right direction regarding what I wanted to do with my life in terms of career and business until we came up with the idea to offer, what we believe are the best organic formulas in the world to parents in the USA. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than helping babies and families and since we started this company I am happier than ever before. It is true what they say, "Do something you love, and you'll never work one day again in your life!" We love what we do and maybe it sounds cheesy, but we really do love our customers!"


Scott: Our COO and Co-Founder

organicbabyfoodshop - ScottScott is the one that goes above and beyond to make each and every one of our customers happy. Read our reviews and you'll understand what we mean! Scott grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently oversees our US operations and runs our office in Austin, TX. He is passionate about eating healthy organic food and leading an active lifestyle. He loves spending time outdoors with his wife, his two young daughters, and his dog.

"When we had to begin supplementing our first daughter with formula we were dismayed at all of the terrible options available in stores here, and we were so lucky to find Lebenswert and Holle even though it was so difficult to find and very expensive to purchase. It makes us so happy to now share this wonderful formula with other parents! We love hearing all of the success stories from thousands of moms and dads whose babies thrive on the best organic baby formula in the world."



Ylva: Our Mom in charge and Co-Founder

organicbabyfoodshop-ylvaBorn and raised in Sweden, she is a full-time mom to two little girls under two. She also works in the Austin, TX office as a strategist and creative wiz. She is the definition of a Crunchy Mom and lives and breathes a fully organic and natural lifestyle all the while trying to stay sane while managing a family, work and life balance.

"There are many ways to feed our babies, from full formula feeding to supplementing while breastfeeding and/or pumping and I am so grateful to have found and are able to provide for so many babies a truly healthy alternative of formula to those, who like myself, need to feed it to their children. I'm so thankful to be on this journey with so many parents and my hope is that Organic Baby Food Shop can be a source of not just healthy sustenance for babies but also of support and love all along the way. Parenthood, in general, isn't easy and we are here to help, one bottle at a time."


Larissa: Our Social Media Manager

Larissa Ohliger Social Media Manager Organic Baby Food ShopShe was born near Cologne, Germany and is Daniel's better half. She worked with big advertising agencies in Germany, managing projects for well-known brands. Since she was a child, Larissa loves to eat organic and healthy food.

"I am happy to be part of this wonderful project and team because all of us are trying to make the world a better place in an own unique way. We as humans must learn to live in peace with our eco system and respect every life and therefore I am so grateful that those animals, providing this high-quality milk are being treated well in accordance with the Demeter standards."


Anne: Our West Cost Manager

organic baby food teamAnne is from Germany and has resided in Los Angeles for many years. She is a proud mom of an active and bright young son, and she is the director of our LA office. Anne loves spending time with her son, preferably outdoors, and she never passes up a day at the beach.

"Being from Germany I was always dismayed by the options for baby formula here in the USA, so it's so wonderful to help other moms have fast and local access to the best organic baby formula. I love working in our LA office since we have so many customers on the West Coast and we can ship to them so quickly."


Shari: Our East Cost Manager

ShariShari manages our New Jersey office and oversees all shipments going to customers on the East Coast.  She is currently finishing graduate school, where she will earn her Masters of Arts in Teaching Spanish.  She loves yoga, kickboxing, and watching The Office for the millionth time.

"As a teacher and a summer camp supervisor, I spend so much of my time with children. I love being able to help so many parents to receive the best organic baby formula possible so that their children can grow in to healthy students and campers!"

Richard & Vanessa: Our Austin Managers

Richard and Vanessa oversee our Austin warehouse, and are responsible for making sure parents in the central and southern US receive their baby formula as fast as possible. They go above and beyond each day to make sure that our busiest office always has enough of the best organic formula in the world in stock and ready to ship!

Michaela: Our Chicago Manager

Michaela is responsible for overseeing our newest office in Chicago. Due to very high demand in the Midwest region, we opened our Chicago office in early April 2019 to make sure that parents in that area receive their formula as quickly as possible. Michaela and her team work hard each day to make sure that our large volume of formula is shipped out and on its way to hungry happy babies!

Darwin: Our Germany Manager

Darwin is responsible for running our large warehouse in Germany. He oversees thousands and thousands of boxes of formula, making sure that our logistics are as smooth as possible to ensure that our US warehouses are fully-stocked.