Natural Ways to Care For Your Baby’s Skin

Natural Ways to Care For Your Baby’s Skin

June 16, 2022

There is nothing quite as soft as a baby's skin and when it comes to caring for it, we are all about taking the natural route! Keep in mind that while your baby’s skin is delicate and certainly requires some special care, there is not a ton that you will need to do to keep it that way. We always recommend sticking to natural remedies and organic products to ensure that your little one’s skin stays that way and we have compiled a few tips to keep in mind as you navigate your little one’s skin care regimen!


1. Start & Stay Organic

We always encourage new Mamas to use organic products for themselves and for their little ones! Prevention is the first line of defense against harmful chemicals that could potentially hurt your baby’s skin, so keep in mind that anything you put in or on your baby’s body is best kept all natural. When choosing products to use on your baby’s skin, be sure they are organic. 100% organic coconut oil is a great place to start as it can be used in so many ways! It can be used for diaper rash, to help heal cradle cap, to hydrate any dry patches on the skin and it can be used as a moisturizer for the Mama or caregiver! Also, be mindful of the nourishment you are providing your baby. If you breastfeed, do your best to stick to a healthy and organic diet. If you formula feed, be sure to checkout our line of top rated organic infant formulas right here: Best European Baby Formula | Top-Rated Organic Infant Formula Online (

Coconut Oil Baby Skin Care

2. Keep The Seasons in Mind

If you have a summer baby, be sure to dress them accordingly to avoid uncomfortable heat rashes from popping up. You will also want to be careful to avoid sunburns! We recommend dressing your baby in light, breathable clothing and avoiding sunscreen if your baby is under six months of age. Keeping them in the shade is ideal! Likewise, you will want to take special care to avoid cold weather from drying out their skin. For more on dressing your baby for the weather and addressing concerns that hot and cold weather pose to baby’s skin, checkout the posts below:

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Baby's Skin Care

3. Allow for Diaper & Clothes Free Time

Try to schedule in some time each day for your baby to go diaper and clothing free! Simply lay them on a large blanket with a few toys. You can even place a waterproof pad under the blanket just in case! Spread out some toys, encourage tummy time or read them a story while they kick around. Fresh air is so helpful for keeping the diaper area healthy and to avoid rashes. Also, their skin needs a chance to breathe and allowing them to have a little time without clothing and a diaper is a great way to proactively avoid any skin rashes or discomforts that can arise from always being covered.

Baby Bath Skin Care Organic

4. Bathing

When it comes to bathing, ask your child’s pediatrician how often they recommend a bath. In the early weeks, a baby's wax coating from birth will actually help naturally protect their skin, so sponge baths are recommended! Past that, it is best to aim to bathe your baby a few times per week or as needed. Be sure to regularly wipe down the baby's hands and face however along with the diaper area and any crevices that may get smelly (neck, armpit and leg crevices). Strive to use an organic cleanser for bath time as well to avoid exposure to unnatural chemicals!

Natural Ways to Care for Baby's Skin

5. Pay Attention To Laundry Soaps

When washing your baby’s clothing, be sure to use a gentle, fragrance-free detergent that is free of unnatural products to avoid putting chemicals on their skin. Always be sure to wash baby clothing, sheets and blankets prior to using them and be sure to wash their laundry separately from the rest of the family’s laundry to avoid any excess sweat, dirt or unnatural substances to get trapped on their freshly laundered items!

          While these tips are a great place to start in regards to caring for your precious bundle’s skin, take heart in knowing that prevention really is the best way to ensure their skin stays as soft and delicate as it was on the day they were born.

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          Lastly, if you have any natural remedies you would love to share, let us know below! 

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