HiPP HA Formula


HiPP HA minimizes allergic reactions


HiPP Organic Hypoallergenic Formulas (HiPP HA), are ideal for babies prone to allergic reactions. All Organic Hypoallergenic Formulas are very close to breast milk, as they contain similar nutrients and are recommended by pediatricians in Europe as also across the US. HiPP HA Combiotik formulas are ideal for supplementing or replacing breast milk and are very easy to digest. Wheat, egg, and nut free, make them the best formula for babies that could be prone to allergies. HiPP HA contains no added sugar and has been carefully developed to meet all the nutritional requirements your growing infant needs.

HiPP HA Combiotic was created carefully based on results of years of scientific research and have everything your little one needs for healthy development, promoting easy digestion, a healthy immune system, and comfort.