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We know how extremely fortunate we are in our ability to choose the very best for our baby, and unfortunately so many families around the world do not have that access. Thus we are driven to support global partners whose solutions best support maternal health, education, our natural environment, and secure basic needs in vulnerable communities so that all beings can grow up strong and flourish.


We choose to partner with and donate to organizations and projects that are grounded in empowerment, solidarity and the sustainability of their efforts. We believe that all beings have the right to be healthy, free of hunger and violence, express their full identity, and have power to make their local communities and ecosystems even more resilient.

If you know of any particular efforts that embody this ethos, please do let us know by writing to us at and we’ll be happy to explore the best way to engage.


 Children Incorporated


    The U.S. Feeding Program was one of the first projects we supported. We are longterm partners and support this program on a monthly basis. It does not only provide food for children while outside of school, but also supports food-sovereignty efforts through youth-gardening programs. Children Incorporated is engaged in a multitude of efforts across the world including providing food, clothing, healthcare, school supplies, tuition payments, shoes and socks, mosquito nets, income-generating projects, skills training programs, school expansions, medical clinic repairs and housing improvements.

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    The White Helmets is a courageous group of civilians in Syria who have been saving people trapped underneath bombed and collapsed buildings since the beginning of the civil war. Now, following the catastrophic 7.8 earthquake, White Helmets volunteers are searching for survivors, pulling the deceased from the rubble, and transporting injured people to the hospital in freezing winter weather. We must stand with the first responders working tirelessly to save their neighbors. Join us in supporting their efforts to save as many lives as possible by donating to the White Helmets and demand that the UN activate a disaster response plan immediately.





    Plan International has long been a global ally bolstering women and girl led movements. In addition to working towards the end of child marriage and gender-based violence, achieving educational equity, and strengthening maternal health, we at OBFS especially want to lift up Plan’s specific efforts to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Plan centers young people’s voices and brings together elders, medicine people, religious leaders, youth, men and women to “gain a common understanding of the consequences of the practice [and] the benefits of abandoning it.” FGM has no place in any community and our team is driven to ensure that women and girls across the world are assured their right to bodily autonomy.

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    Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Floods

    Alkhidmat Foundation - Pakistan Floods

    Even after global headlines about the devastating floods in Pakistan have subsided, the waters throughout the county have not. Still the water has not receded, ruining not only this fall’s harvest but also making it impossible to plant for next season. The result has been ongoing food shortages, minimal international humanitarian aid, rising rates of waterborne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, and the displacement of 30 million people. 

    Fortunately, the Alkhidmat Foundation and Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) have been on the ground providing medical care, mosquito nets, hygiene kits, tents, and even delivering food to areas still stranded by stagnant flood waters. This crisis is not slowing and we are so grateful to both Alkhidmat Foundation and PIMA for the crucial work in Pakistan. Learn more about how you can join Organic Baby Food Shop in supporting these crucial efforts.

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    Center for children and families Logo

    Center for Children and families

    Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) has a hand in supporting youth growing up in disruptive and traumatic circumstances. By engaging families in education, advocacy, counseling and basic needs assistance, CCFI ensures that young people have access to safe living and learning environments. Through home-visits and other community-based outreach and programming, families affected by “abuse, neglect, divorce, separation, teenage pregnancy, a lack of quality out-of-school care, and/or other adverse experiences” can realize healthy and empowered relationships that can nourish the entire family unit. Let’s ensure that CCFI’s crucial work continues!

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    CAWC Chicago

    Connections for Abused Women and their Children

    During the most vulnerable and scary moments in life, we all know how crucial it is to find safety– and quickly! Domestic violence has long affected our mothers and female-identifying neighbors, and we are grateful that Connections for Abused Women and their Children (CAWC) in Chicago is a haven for those fleeing violence. Not only do they provide direct service through safety planning in multicultural and multilingual contexts, they also offer legal advocacy, a safe-house shelter, and address substance use issues. On top of it all, they advocate nationally– legislatively and educationally– to address root issues of interpersonal violence. Join us in supporting CAWC advance their life-saving work by donating here.

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    Plan International Donation

    Plan International

    Global conflict, climate change, and social media disproportionally affect women, girls and gender non-conforming peoples around the world. Yet, we know how communities can flourish when they are leaders in our food, political, safety, communications and educational systems. Plan International has long been an ally across 75 countries helping to bolster women and girl led movements. Plan operates from the inside out, partnering with existing groups and movements, empowering them with resources to further their missions towards ending child marriage and gender-based violence, acheiving educational equity, and strengthening maternal health. Plan holds a deep sense of accountability and we are glad to support their ongoing work.

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     Fresh Food Connect

    Fresh Food Connect

    Food inequity is one of the most glaring injustices across the world. While some have the ability to source organic, local and nutritious food, many communities in the USA primarily have access to only highly processed and GMO foods. Due to the lack of grocery stores, high prices of natural foods and limited culture of growing one’s own food, we see immense disparity in access to healthy nutrition across our country.

    Fresh Food Connect (FFC) is not only building a culture that celebrates growing food in our backyards, but through their app and partnering with local food resource centers across the country, FFC leverages excess food grown in home gardens and redistributes it to neighbors facing food insecurity. The organization currently partners with over 50 food resource centers in 1500 zip codes, having successfully redistributed 60,000lbs of food in 2021 – and that quantity is only growing!

    OBFS recently supported FFC in celebrating a successful fundraising campaign that will boost their ability to expand their impact to more communities. Join us in bolstering their innovative and sustainable movement for food justice! 

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    SEED Madagascar Blue ventures 

    Seed Madagascar & Blue Ventures

    In our ever-present awareness of climate change effects on our neighbors around the world, communities in Madagascar are facing famine due to drought, closed borders and otherwise vibrant local ecosystems. SEED (Sustainable Environment, Education & Development) and Blue Ventures both provide direct food relief in rural communities while simultaneously carrying on their projects in marine conservation, training local community workers, continuing women’s health education and improving water, sanitation and hygiene systems. Join us in supporting our Malagasy neighbors through what is deemed “the world’s first climate change famine.”

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    We know there are countless resilient and brave people of Afghanistan who continue to persevere through frightening times of transition. Although health inequities, food shortages, and disrciminstaion have long been persistent challenges, access to basic resources has been exacerbated. We have chosen to support Afghanaid (led by local Afghans in numerous ventures since the 1980’s) that will continue providing shelter, hygiene and kitchen kits, solar solutions such as lamps and stoves, food, and adequate clothing to various communities across the country. Accelerate their lasting impact by donating towards their crucial efforts.

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    Indigenous Environmental Network Logo

    Indigenous Environmental Network

    More and more we all directly experience the impacts of climate change. Our food, labor and water systems are hit hard by natural and man-made disasters and we see the resulting social inequities and ravaged ecosystems. As oil pipelines, raging wildfires, floods and a pandemic alter our livelihoods, we know that Indigenous peoples are crucial advocates at the forefront of the fight against the human systems that perpetuate these devastating effects. 

    The Indigenous Environmental Network actively coordinates all levels of resistance within the climate crisis. While they organize direct actions to fight oil pipelines and mining projects, their political advocacy and powerful narrative seen through their grassroots media network, Indigenous Rising Media, further exposes and amplifies the resistance. We at OBFS know that we must resist too. We gladly support IEN’s ongoing missions to protect life’s vital resources and celebrate Indigenous culture.

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    Khalsa Aid DonationSundara Donation


    COVID-19 is impacting millions of people in India and we must support the everyday people who are making the biggest impact amidst a broken healthcare system and densely populated cities. Essential aid is coming from around the world and from within the affected communities, and we are grateful for the work being done by Khalsa Aid and Sundara. As the international relief organization and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Khalsa Aid provides oxygen concentrators, food relief and other vital medical equipment through India, Sundara is boosting their normal hygiene and female empowerment programing by providing oxygen cylinders and PPE to hospitals, paying salaries of doctors and nurses, preparing emergency food kits, distributing 40,000 bars of soap to public hospitals in Mumbai and Palghar, giving financial assistance to transport relatives to the hospital as well as bereavement stipends to families who have lost loved ones. In line with Khalsa’s founding Sikh principle of “recognise the whole human race as one,” please join us in supporting these vital efforts to support the people of India.

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    March for our lives


    The fight for gun safety is not new to the United States. Guns and mass shootings have devastated diverse communities but communities of color have consistently been left out of the national focus. March for Our Lives (MFOL) believes in the power of centering BIPOC youth as leaders within their own impacted communities to influence gun culture, education, public health, and increase political engagement. We are excited to bolster MFOL’s new Aid and Alliance resource sharing program to disseminate funding amongst the nation’s most impacted and motivated communities. In their belief that gun violence is a national public health emergency and our federal government should respond as such, we at OBFS stand with MFOL’s mission to “fight for sensible gun violence prevention policies that save lives.” 

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    Alaar (Friends of Street Animals)

    We believe that our character and values are shown clearly by how we treat those closest to us, those we do not know and other sentient beings. Our interconnection is undeniable and many of us feel this strong bond with our pets and those animals we see roaming the streets. While some are subjected to harsh treatment, neglect and unsafe conditions, fortunately there are those fighting to protect vulnerable animals. In Portugal, where street animals are prevalent, our partner ALAAR (Friends of Street Animals) not only provides immediate shelter but also raises awareness about the importance of society “changing behaviors and mentalities towards all living beings that are sensitive to pain, stress and anguish, just like the human being.” We are proud to partner with ALAAR so that they can carry on their mission and improve the shelter’s infrastructure and finally complete medical treatments for animals that have suffered injuries as a result of previous abuse and neglect.


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    Tiyospaye Winyan Maka

    Tiyospaye Winyan Maka

    As a result of colonialism, many Native communities face a multitude of infrastructural challenges, especially on reservations within the land that is now the United States. To combat this reality, non-profit Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, based on the Pine Ridge reservation in the Wounded Knee community, is working this winter season to provide sufficient propane to heat the homes of women and children. In the long term, they are developing a sustainable solution for these families’ homes by building rocket stoves that can get them off propane. Through each Tiyospaye Winyan Maka program, they combine “traditional values with educational training in sustainable building practices…[and] strengthen the capacity and confidence of indigenous people to lead the way as engaged and effective stewards of the Earth's resources.”

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    Colorado Village Collaborative

    Colorado Village Collaborative

    Amidst a cold winter, social distancing restrictions and limited access to indoor social services, those experiencing homelessness are currently facing incredible adversity in staying healthy and also finding a safe place to rest. Colorado Village Collaborative (CVC) is a leader in innovative and inclusive solutions that de-stigmatizes the experience of poverty and homelessness. While city governments have failed to provide adequate housing and healthcare infrastructure, CVC continually creates alternative yet practical solutions such as Safe Outdoor Spaces and Tiny Homes communities to provide safe shelter and supportive services for vulnerable people. Their sociopolitical advocacy and education efforts are just as necessary and are worthy of national attention.

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    Mumbai Smiles

    Mumbai Smiles

    Mumbai Smiles is a group of invaluable healthcare workers, educators, and outreach workers dedicated to prevent human trafficking, provide empowerment programing, educational courses, and mental health counseling to children and individuals in the vulnerable and overcrowded neighborhoods of Mumbai. Their vital services have continued amidst the pandemic and we are inspired by their resiliency to show up in multiple ways for their community members no matter the inherent challenges.

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    Kogui Tribe

    The Kogui Tribe

    The Kogui tribe reminds us of our core values. To look after our own, to make sure we care for our planet and local environment, to maintain our roots and traditions, and have gratitude for the basics in life. As the Kogui people in Colombia sustain violence on their Indigenous lands perpetuated by loggers, drug traffickers and militant groups and now the intrusion of COVID-19, we stand with their people to maintain access to basic resources including solar-based light and energy.

    Kogui Tribe Blog



    Refugee Support Aegean (RSA)

    Considering the tragic conditions of the Moria refugee camp, we want to support not only the humanitarian grassroots efforts that provide immediate relief but also support those who are committed to legal advocacy and observation on behalf of the refugees. Refugee Support Aegean are on site in Greece and “focusing on strategic litigations in support of refugees, monitoring human rights violations as well as the provision of legal, social and humanitarian support in individual cases.” We see it as vital that RSA hold governments and larger relief organizations accountable through legal action and testimony to support the immediate and sustained protection of the camp’s residents, especially as winter approaches. 

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    leave no one behind


    The European-based #LeaveNoOneBehind202 grassroots campaign supports immediate relief efforts to residents of the Moria refugee camp in Greece (the largest in Europe) that burned at the beginning of September 2020. Additionally the group works to educate the public in real-time about the EU’s failure to provide proper infrastructure, health care, food, water and dignified timelines for reviewing asylum cases. The campaign is garnering support outside of governmental means and demands that the EU cannot simply rebuild a “New Moria.” They actively organize European families who can take in Moria refugees as well as coordinate direct actions that demand governments create more sustainable solutions as the conditions of the new camp already proves to be uninhabitable. The OBF Team supports their dedication to “ensure that Europe's external borders become places of human dignity.”

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     The Asia Foundation


    In Pakistan, the Asia Foundation’s Lotus Project and Children’s Global Network Pakistan have partnered to provide rural villages with activity-based homeschooling as well as an outreach team who supports families in learning how to best use the educational tools on their own. Additionally the team is providing women and girls with sanitary hygiene kits and sanitary pads along with culturally responsive education about menstrual hygiene. This is vital for these small communities to keep the pandemic at bay, but is also driven by the fact that many girls have to stop attending school because of insufficient access to adequate period products.



     Rainforest Foundation


    Rainforest Foundation US offers Latin American Indigenous communities life-saving technologies (a smart-phone app!), empowerment and healing through their Information into Action philosophy. Amidst a lethal struggle for Native peoples to protect their “breadbasket and pharmacy where men and women hunt, forage, and garden for their daily needs,” the Rainforest Foundation team trains and provides accessible technology for community members to monitor their forest land for illegal deforestation activity.



    First Nations


    First Nations Development Institute’s Nourishing Native Foods and Health program is providing grants and technical skill training to Native communities nation-wide working to “build sustainable food systems that improve health, strengthen food security and increase the control over Native agriculture and food systems.” We admire their strengths-based approach in supporting community projects and always remaining culturally-conscious to how these projects integrate their ancestral roots.





    We believe that Black Lives Matter. That’s why we decided to follow community and political leaders Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who have organized together to raise money for grassroots Minnesota organizations fighting for BIPOC liberation through systemic change.

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    Sakhi, meaning “woman friend,” was created to fill a critical need to represent the South Asian diaspora in a survivor-led movement for gender-justice and to honor the collective and inherent power of all survivors of violence. Sakhi is committed to serving survivors through a combination of efforts including—but not limited to—direct services, advocacy and organizing, technical assistance, and community outreach. 80% of Sakhi’s clients are mothers and 75% reside below the federal poverty level.

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    wombs of the world


    WOTW is ingrained in the very act of bringing light into our world by ensuring the healthiest birth practices possible. In response to a system that has turned birthing into a business, they provide pregnant women and mothers in Tanzania and Ecuador the opportunity to learn best practices in preparing, delivering, and caring for their babies.