Lebenswert Stage 2 Bio Organic Formula

  • Lebenswert Formula Stage 2

    • 100% certified organic infant formula
    • No artificial chemicals or flavoring
    • No added sugar, no soy, Gluten-Free, no GMO, steroids or hormones
    • Contains the fatty acids and nutrients your baby needs to grow
    • Premium quality organic milk
    • Bioland Association certified
    • Easy to follow preparations
    • Recommended by Pediatricians around the world
    • Check out the reviews below!


    Lebenswert stage 2 baby formula is an excellent choice for you to consider for babies from 6 months old. It closely replicates the goodness of breast milk and a major plus is that it has no added sugar. This German organic baby formula uses lactose as a sweetener, the same ingredient found in breast milk.

    6 months old is a huge milestone for you and your baby. Your little one can start to try solids and you can start to supplement or replace breast milk with formula if you haven't already done so. The increased movement and energy at this age often mean that parents look to topping up or replacing breastfeeding with formula in order to keep up with their baby’s appetite.

    You can use Lebenswert stage 2 formula mixed with cereals to help your baby feel full and sleep longer at night. You may also use it with a banana mash as great first food for your baby to try.

    It has no artificial chemicals or flavoring. No added sugar, GMO, steroids or hormones. It also has no added preservatives and it's gluten and soy-free. For parents looking for a natural and organic baby formula of the very best and most trusted quality, Lebenswert Bio is an excellent choice.

    Lebenswert Bio formula is organically farmed, using a farming method known as biodynamic farming. This means that the company uses only sustainable, healthy, natural practices. They preserve nature and don't use chemical or synthetic agents. They don’t use artificial hormones nor do they dehorn their cows. It's not only a healthy choice due to the natural ingredients, but it is also a sustainable choice that benefits your child's future.

    Lebenswert recommends breastfeeding, if possible, and if it's not possible they have created a great substitute or supplement for babies that is as close as possible to breast milk. Their formulas are natural and gentle on the belly and ideal for babies digestive systems. When you buy Lebenswert Formula you are buying a brand with a future-focused sustainable philosophy that prides themselves on the quality of their formula.

    We love to hear from you so please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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United States

Love this formula

Lebenswert is the only formula I tried because a friend recommended it. My baby transitioned from breast milk to it without any issue. No constipation, no gas, nothing. She loves it and I do too. The service is always fast and reliable. I will continue to purchase from organicbabyfoodshop and recommend it fully.


Wow thank you for such a nice review! We are so happy to hear that your daughter loves Lebenswert Stage 2 and that she does not have any digestive issues. Our daughter loves Lebenswert as well, and we are so happy to ship quickly so that your baby gets it as soon as possible :) Thank you again for your sweet words, and we look forward to your next order!

United States

Love this company

Baby loves the formula, it always arrives quickly and we are grateful in knowing we are nourishing her with a healthy product.


Thank you so much for your great review! We are so glad to hear that your baby loves Lebenswert Stage 2 and we are happy to ship quickly from our two offices every day so that you receive it with fast shipping! Thanks again, and thanks for your orders!


Thank you...

I am so happy my friend referred me to your website. This formula has really helped my son whose is 8 months. He suffered from really bad egcema and after feeding him this formula it all cleared up. He also loves the taste. Thank you again, Allyson


Thank you for such a nice review of Lebenswert Stage 2, Allyson! We are so happy to hear that Lebenswert helped with his eczema :) Lebenswert has a great taste (haha we have tried it many times!) due to minimal ingredients and made with 100% organic creamy milk made from free-range grass-fed cows living on strictly certified organic biodynamic farms in the lush region of Southern Germany. Thank you again for the update and for your orders! We are so honored that you shop at organicbabyfood.shop :) PS - huge thanks to your friend for the referral!



I am so thankful to have found an online store that will ship the German formula we desired to use and has fast shipping with prompt notifications. We have also experienced the absolute best customer service! With each question I have had, I received a response that not only answered my question, but was a friendly response (NOT a computer generated generic response as I’ve received from other stores). Wish more stores had the same values for helping babies and families with a smile!!❤️


Thank you so much for your lovely words, Rhonda! It is truly our pleasure and it is our passion to help other families with the same great organic formula that we also feed our babies :) Thanks again!



I would 100% recommend this shop and this formula. I exclusively breastfed my twins for about 2.5 months, and i was very desperate because my supply was going low and they were always asking for more. I contacted to this shop and immediately received an answer not only with them suggesting me Lebenswert a supplement but also giving me moral support for my breastfeeding journey. I tried different US formulas trying to add them to my breastmilk but my twins hated them all, so as soon as i tried this one, they absolutely LOVED it, the transition was very smooth and easy now they are almost 8 months running on Leberswert mostly. I give them some of my milk occasionally but they absolutely LOVE LOVE this one. I am on the stage 2 now and I will be forever thankful to Scott and their staff as they have the best customer service a company can have.

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