Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula


Premium quality European Organic Formula

Lebenswert by Holle is our personal choice when it comes to organic formulas and is also recommended by Pediatricians in both Europe and the US. We offer the best prices & free shipping within the USA from our offices in Austin (Texas), Freehold (New Jersey) and Los Angeles (California). Lebenswert formula provides unparalleled quality for your baby. It is the best organic formula available, made with no artificial ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, no corn syrup, no cane sugar, no gluten, and no soy.

Moreover, the formula exceeds the strict EU guidelines concerning organic farming practices, meaning that it is produced with milk from grass-fed free range cows raised in an exclusively 100% organic and biodynamic farming environment, with zero hormones or pesticides. All Lebenswert products carry the “Bioland” certification.

Bio-farming is specially designed for sustainability. It preserves all-natural resources and has many positive effects on the environment. Lebenswert strictly stands for sustainability, treating plants, soil, animals and nature with complete respect and harmony.

Lebenswert Bio makes a special contribution by donating 1 cent per product sold to the reforestation of regional forest areas.

The milk of Lebenswert Bio comes solely from organic farms from Germany and Austria who keep their cows according to the strict guidelines of the Bioland Association, which mandates biodynamic and sustainable farming techniques.

By choosing to feed your baby Lebenswert, you are not only providing your baby with the best organic formula available for a healthy growth but also supporting the environment.