Holle Stage Pre Organic Formula


    • From birth until 6 months of age
    • No artificial chemicals or flavoring
    • 100% high-quality organic Demeter milk
    • Contains the fatty acids and nutrients your baby needs to grow
    • No Maltodextrin (Starch)
    • No added sugar or GMO’s
    • Premium quality Demeter certified
    • Easy to follow preparations
    • Recommended by Pediatricians around the world
    • Check out the reviews below!


    Holle Pre Formula is perfect for babies from birth to 6 months of age. It can be used exclusively or as a supplement for breast milk to give you peace of mind for your new little miracle.

    Holle recommends breastfeeding if you can, but if you can’t, or your milk needs supplementing, they have developed this organic formula that does not contain Maltodextrin or starch. This is a great benefit because these ingredients make babies feel full when they are not. We don’t want our newborn baby to feel this false fullness, if they’re hungry we want them to drink more so that they get more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for essential growth and health

    Holle Organic Pre Formula is really easy to digest, the ingredients are very gentle on your newborn’s belly and it has a high protein content. It also contains essential omega-3 fatty acids derived from organic vegetable oil. Why is this good? Well, these fats help build cells, regulate the nervous system, strengthen the cardiovascular system, build immunity and help the body absorb nutrients. They are also vital for healthy brain function and vision. So those are pretty great benefits!

    When you choose Holle Bio Pre formula you are selecting a formula that has no added sugar, contains no GMO, hormones or steroids. Holle pre contains no artificial chemicals or flavoring and it also has no added preservatives.

    It contains a great range of vitamins including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K and Vitamin D. This is another rather impressive and satisfying list of goodness for your newborn. The nutrition contained in Holle Stage Pre formula is one of the reasons we have so many repeat and happy customers.

    This Baby Formula is entirely natural, uses the best quality ingredients and is produced with Demeter milk only, in the South of Germany. It means that you are choosing a baby formula that has been produced in biodynamic Demeter farms that care and are dedicated to health and sustainability. They don’t use any artificial chemicals in the soil but instead herbal and mineral fertilizers. We love the thought that cows raised on biodynamics farms are happier and healthier animals!

    Once your baby turns 3 to 6 months old you can move to Holle stage 1 formula which better meets the developing needs of your little one’s rapid growth.

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United States

It’s amazing

After three weeks of stomach/digestive issues, we switched to holle, and she was regular within 36 hours. This stuff is a godsend!


Thank you so much for your review! We are so happy to hear that your baby girl is feeling so much better - this really is the best formula in the world :) Thanks again!!

Brenna W.
United States

Baby loves it!

Our preemie loves Holle Pre! We had gone through Similac, Enfamil, and the Honest Company’s sensitive formulas per our doctors advice and none say well with our LO. Since starting Pre a few weeks ago, her grassiness and fussiness has gone down and she’s gained quite a bit of weight. We love it!


Thank you so much for your review of Holle Pre, Brenna! We are so happy to hear that your baby girl is doing so well with Pre, and especially that she is feeling so much better! Thanks again for leaving a review of organicbabyfood.shop :)

United States

Organicbabyfood.shop is the best

Excellent customer service! We had questions and received a response right away. I am very pleased with Holle formula as a supplement to breastfeeding. Thank you!


Thank you for such a wonderful review of Holle Pre! We know how it is when you have a brand new baby and need questions answered quickly (we are parents as well), so we are available pretty much 24 hours a day. Holle pre is great for supplementing with breastfeeding, and we are so happy to hear that it is going well for you and your precious baby :) Thanks again!

Jennifer C.
United States

Love Holle

Thankful for a healthy organic choice for my baby!

Candace H.
United States

Super fast shipping, and a quality product!

Great! Very high quality formula, and customer service was fast, and thorough! Will definitely buy again!

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