Big Adventures Ahead: Tips for Moving With Young Children

Big Adventures Ahead: Tips for Moving With Young Children

February 17, 2022

Moving your family to a new place is a great, big adventure! A new home, a new town…there is so much anticipation that goes into a move. While prepping your home is a huge step in getting ready for this type of transition, there are quite a few ways to ensure your little ones are ready, too. From logistical points to emotional ones, we have a few tips to help make this grand adventure as smooth as possible!


Share The News of a Move Early On

While a baby may not understand this concept, you can do a few things to be sure they will be comfortable with this transition. Things such as babywearing while you pack, keeping a familiar blanket close by and trying to stick to their regular routine will all help to keep them content during this time. For a young toddler, social stories about moving can help them to gain understanding about what it means to move! For a preschooler or elementary aged child, let them know age-appropriate details such as where you will be moving, what their new house will be like, make plans to plant a backyard garden! No matter what age, your home environment will start to look and feel different as you near moving day, so sticking as close to your child’s regular routine as possible while getting them excited for this new adventure will bring comfort to all.

 Moving with family

Keeping Your Living Space Clean

    If you are listing your current home for sale, you will need to take special care to be sure your space is clean and tidy for potential buyers. This can certainly be a challenge when you are trying to also keep up with a little one who may not prioritize keeping toys put away and keeping crumbs off of the floors! However, when prepping you home to be listed as well as after a day full of showings with viewers in and out, you will want to be sure your living areas are clean and germ free! We suggest using our natural cleaning tips to prep and maintain a fresh environment: How to clean your house without chemicals -


    Pack Your Home While Keeping Emotional Needs in Mind

    If you are moving with a young baby, be sure to set aside familiar sleep items such as a sound machine to be sure your baby will be able to sleep well leading up to your move. Also, once you get to your destination, having this on hand will eliminate the need to dig through boxes to find in time for a nap or bedtime! Maintaining sleep routines for toddlers and young children are just as important. Here are a few tips to help maintain healthy sleep patterns: Goodnight baby! 5 amazing baby sleep tips -

    Another point to keep in mind while packing is familiar toys and comfort items! If your current home has a designated play space that will be getting packed up, assure your little ones that they will see all of their toys again at their new house. It can be emotionally overwhelming for a toddler or young child to see so many of their daily possessions packed up, so allow them to select a few of their favorite toys to keep with them for the move. For a baby, be sure to set aside comfort items such as a lovey or teether. That way, they can access them anytime while you get the rest of the house ready to go and they can enjoy playing with them in the car or on your plane ride!

    Moving with toddler 

    More On Emotional Needs

      While moving can be a very exciting time, it is perfectly normal for children (& parents!) to feel sadness and even a little bit of angst surrounding a new home. Babies may sense the stress by becoming fussy at unusual times. Toddlers and young children may act out. Offer lots of comfort and reassure your kids that it is ok to feel sad about leaving your current home. Moving preparations can be especially stressful, so have grace with yourself and with your littlest loves as you all may experience some level of uncertainty. When the pressure of packing while tending to little ones’ needs gets too overwhelming, take a break together!


      Celebrate with a Farewell Party!

        Pick a day before your move to spend a little time with those you love. Invite close family, friends and neighbors to share a simple meal and say goodbye. Let children and loved ones alike know they can keep in touch via phone calls, mailing letters and even special visits!

         Moving with baby

        Prep For Travel

        Once you are all packed and ready to go….be sure to have a plan for keeping children occupied while on the go. This is where those special toys and comfort items you set aside earlier can come in handy! Pack those along with spare diapers, a change of clothes, and healthy snacks to come along with you. If you have a young baby, be sure to have extra breastmilk or formula on hand.  Spending long hours in a car or on a plane is challenging under the best circumstances, but a little prep work can go a long way!


          Plan for Nutritional Needs

          Moving preparations can be a lot on your family unit, but the act of actually getting to your new home can be just as exhausting. Plan to have healthy snacks on hand to keep energy levels up. Items such as organic or dried fruit and granola bars for yourself are key, while coconut water & prepared organic baby food can aid in avoiding hunger pangs for baby! Here are a few helpful articles you may want to reference for maintaining nutritional needs while traveling:
          How to measure baby formula without scoop -
          Baby Food Chart: What can my baby eat and when? -

             Moving with kids

            Once You Arrive

            Once you arrive, prioritize getting key areas of your new home established first. Areas such as the kitchen, where you will prepare food, as well as sleeping areas are important spots to focus on. Take your time while getting settled in and once the last of the boxes have been unpacked…set them aside for playtime. Toddlers can turn a cardboard box into anything their imaginations may dream up! Moving boxes can also make for a precious photo op of photographing your baby or little ones in their new home.


              Have you experienced moving with your family? Whether near or far, we would love to hear your experiences! Please share them with us below. 

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