Commonly Asked Questions About Our Infant Formulas

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Infant Formulas

March 10, 2022

Here at OrganicBabyFood.Shop, we are excited to share answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our baby formulas. We proudly carry the best baby formula options at the very best price. The products offered are trusted by thousands of parents and our mission to share it with parents everywhere drives our desire to answer any lingering questions you may have about choosing the formula that is right for your baby! Below you will find the topics that parents and caregivers inquire about the most.

Why is our formula the best choice for your baby?

    There are many factors that make our formula options a great choice! The top reasons that we believe make these the best option are the fact that they are free from the following: soy, gluten, artificial flavors and coloring, high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, cow related hormone and antibiotic treatments.
    Many baby formulas that are available today contain at least some of the ingredients above, however we are proud to offer nourishment that is free from all of those additives.

    Organic Baby Formula

    What are the different formula options that we carry?

      The three formula options we carry are offered in different stages and they include LebenswertHolle, and HiPP. All of these choices are derived from pasture-raised cows that are fed a certified organic diet. The farms the cows are raised on are free of hormones, antibiotic use, chemical fertilizers and are 100% free range and cruelty-free!

      Organic Baby Food

      What do each of the stages offered in Lebenswert, Holle and HiPP mean?

        Each of our infant formulas are made uniquely for your baby’s age and development. They include vitamins and nutrients that are crucial for each stage of growth. For more on those stages and each of our formulas, checkout the links below:

        HiPP vs Holle vs Lebenswert Baby Formulas | German Organic Formula -

        Lebenswert vs Holle: Which is Best? | Organic Baby Formula Comparison -

        Holle formula in USA -

         Goat Milk Formula

        Do you offer goat infant formula?

          We do! Our Holle Baby Formula offers three different options that are derived from goats. You can browse the Holle collection in the following link and more specifically, each of the goat formulas are linked below as well.

          Holle Organic Infant Formula in U.S. | Most Recommended Baby Formula -

          Holle Goat Stage 1

          Holle Goat Stage 2

          Holle Goat Stage 3

           Formula Feeding Questions

          Are your formulas recommended by pediatricians?

            You can take comfort in the fact that all of these formulas are recommended by pediatricians in the US as well as in Europe! In addition, many parents find that feeding their baby our formula tends to eliminate any bad reactions they may experience when feeding other brands.

            From all of us here at OrganicBabyFood.Shop, we hope this Q&A helps to answer any questions you may have about our products and most importantly, we hope this has helped direct you to the nourishment option that is best for your baby! Have any additional questions? Leave them below!

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