Gender Reveal Party Food

Gender Reveal Party Food

February 02, 2022

We recently shared a few fun ways to spread the big news of a new baby on the way! All of the ideas we shared incorporated gathering your loved ones in one place and then using food to make your announcement! If you missed that post, you can find it here: Baby On The Way: Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy With Food -

Once you have revealed your pregnancy to your family and friends, you may start to wonder whether a little boy or a little girl will soon be joining your family! Upon learning the gender of your baby, you will likely want to share that news with those same loved ones, perhaps by sticking with the food theme for a Gender Reveal! We have brainstormed some creative ideas that go right along with the healthy food announcement theme!  

 Gender Reveal Party Food

Pink or Blue Fruit Basket

Gather once again with your loved ones and before the get together, pack a basket to the brim with fruits so that you can bring it out to serve as dessert! Prior to serving, keep the basket covered and allow party guests to open it and then guess the baby’s gender! If you have a little lady on the way, you could use pink and red fruits such as strawberries, cranberries and raspberries. For a baby boy, you could fill the basket with blueberries, blackberries and plums. This is a healthy and sweet way to share such special news!


Fresh Lemonade

Trying to find the perfect beverage to serve at your Gender Reveal?! We suggest Pink or Blue Lemonade! Simply mix the juice from 15 freshly squeezed lemons together with 9 cups of water, 2 cups of organic cane sugar and a whole lot of ice cubes! Next, add some juice from freshly pressed strawberries (for a girl!) or blueberries (for a boy!) to create a pink or blue tint to your lemonade. This will make for a tasty and refreshing drink for party guests to sip on while complimenting the Gender Reveal theme!

 Gender Reveal Lemonade

Pink or Blue Dyed Deviled Eggs

Eggs are packed full of healthy protein, and this idea is a tasty (& healthy!) recipe to serve as an appetizer! By simply adding some all-natural coloring to your eggs, it makes for a fun surprise when sharing about your new little one! To whip these up:

  1. Boil and peel one dozen organic eggs using the method you most prefer
  2. Slice the eggs in half and remove the yolks. Set yolks aside in a separate bowl
  3. Mix the yolks with 2 tbs plain Greek yogurt, as well as half a teaspoon of each of the following: ground mustard, parsley flakes, salt & paprika. Lastly add in 1 teaspoon vinegar and combine until the yolks and spices are well combine. Allow mixture to sit for 10 minutes
  4. While waiting for the mixture to set, use a food processer to blend up one can of beets (for a pink hue) or one cup of blackberries (for a blue hue). Once pressed, remove the juice from the blender and pour into a baking pan or glass baking dish that has about 1” depth. You can add water to the juice until your desired color hue is reached!
  5. Arrange egg white slices to soak in the juice for about 30 minutes. Be sure the dish you use allows enough depth for the eggs whites to absorb the color all the way up their sides.
  6. Once the egg whites have soaked up the natural dye, arrange them on a serving tray and fill with the yolk filling
  7. Serve and enjoy!


We hope these ideas inspire you to incorporate some tasty foods into your Gender Reveal Gathering! Using natural coloring from fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to celebrate Team Boy or Team Girl while adding a decorative flair.


Wishing you a Happy 9 Months! 

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