Holle vs Lebenswert formula

Holle vs Lebenswert: which one is best?

November 07, 2018

Are you trying to work out the best baby formula brand to buy? Is it based on availability, or are you really passionate about getting the absolute best, organic baby formula for your child?

We’ve taken a look at Lebenswert bio vs Holle baby formula, and while we love both brands almost equally, here are the results so you can choose the best one for your little one.


Holle Formula

Holle, a Germany company, is celebrating 85 years of business! Holle is one of the best baby formulas you can find. From the very beginning they have never used chemical processing or preservatives. Imagine how forward-thinking this was for a company 85 years ago! They are a real industry leader in sustainable, biodynamic and organic farming.

Their quality expectations are higher than any other manufacturer and they are the leading company in Europe when it comes to biodynamic agriculture. Don’t just believe us, Holle stands for Demeter Standards and environmental sustainability and is recommended by Pediatricians all over the world.

Holle is focused on producing not only a great and nourishing organic baby formula that is good for your baby, but also participating in our children’s futures through sustainability, global climate protection CO2 neutral products like Holle formula for all stages, and climate neutral products like Holle pre stage formulas.

Holle is wholesome and is a natural balanced diet for babies. The results speak for themselves with Holle formula being sold in 40 countries around the world.

Here at the Organic Baby Food Shop we offer Holle products for: 


Lebenswert by Holle is our personal choice when it comes to organic formulas and also recommended by Pediatricians in both Europe and the US. Lebenswert is owned by Holle so we know that it comes with all the same guarantees of a sustainable and organic farming culture with nutrients that are essential for babies.

At the Organic Baby Food Shop we particularly like this brand as Lebenswert Baby formula provides unparalleled quality for your baby. It's made with no artificial ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, no corn syrup, no cane sugar, no gluten, and no soy.

Like Holle, it is organically and biodynamically farmed meaning that it is produced with milk from grass-fed free range cows raised in an exclusively 100% organic and biodynamic farming environment, with zero hormones or pesticides. All Lebenswert products carry the “Bioland” certification so you know that it has been farmed in an environment especially designed for sustainability. In addition Lebenswert Bio makes a special contribution by donating 1 cent per product sold to the reforestation of regional forest areas so it really is a brand that cares for and gives back to the future of our sustainable earth.

They do not use chemical-synthetic fertilizers. There are no additives such as flavors, colors or preservatives. They farm with natural compost instead of artificial fertilizer and are very focused on animal welfare.

Please visit the Organic Baby Food Shop website to see a full range of products available:

    Holle Baby Formula vs Lebenswert Baby Formula: which one is best?

    So how do you choose which formula to start your baby on? It’s a personal choice. We recommend reading some of the many reviews from other parents on our website. Your baby may have specific needs or health considerations so it is always good to research and trust your wonderful parental instinct as to which is best for your baby. As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need advice.

    Today the Organic Baby Food Shop website provides the best organic baby formula in the world directly to parents in the USA. Take advantage of free fast shipping for all orders over $50 from our offices in California, Texas, and New Jersey.

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