All Things Formula: Preparation, Storage Life & Quick Tips

All Things Formula: Preparation, Storage Life & Quick Tips

April 07, 2022

Today we are eager to share Part Two of our “Commonly Asked Questions About Our Infant Formulas”. The focus this time is all about formula preparation! If you have not yet read Part One, you can find it right here: Commonly Asked Questions About Our Infant Formulas -

 How to prepare baby formula


Once you have decided on the formula that is best suited for your baby, you may begin to wonder how exactly to prepare it for feeding time. To do so, follow these steps to prepare a bottle:


  1. Be sure to sterilize the surface you will be using as well as all of the materials
  2. Boil water according to the instructions included with your order
  3. Pour 3/4 of the clean water into your baby’s sterilized bottle
  4. Utilize the measuring spoon included in your order to measure out the appropriate amount of formula powder. Don’t have the measuring spoon on hand!? Check out our post right here on how to measure without a spoon: How to measure baby formula without scoop -
  5. Next, secure the nipple onto the bottle and shake until all powder is dissolved
  6. Add in any remaining clean water and shake again
  7. Allow the formula to cool and always check the temperature before feeding it to your baby. This can be done by simply dropping a tiny bit of liquid from the bottle onto the inside of your wrist to get a feel for how warm it is.
  8. For questions on each of the specific formulas, view their preparation guides here: Holle, HiPP, and Lebenswert

 Organic Baby Formula Preparation


From time to time, you may find that you do not have access to boiled water for preparation. Perhaps this may be the case if you are out and about and away from home during feeding time. Wondering if you can prepare your baby’s bottle without boiling the water first? We do suggest boiling it as a way to ensure all possible bacteria has been eliminated, although not everyone does so and you need to make the choice you are most comfortable with! Another alternative is to prepare the water portion at home before you leave, then pour it into a bottle and stick the bottle into your diaper bag on your way out the door. That way, once feeding time arrives, all you will need to do is add the formula powder and shake it!

Organic Baby Formula Holle Hipp Lebenswert

Additional commonly asked question in regards to formula preparation is just how much can be made from the purchase of one box, as well as how long the formula can be stored. A box of formula includes 500g which should make about 128 fluid ounces of formula. Once you have opened a formula pouch, it has a storage life of two weeks (Lebenswert and Holle) or three weeks (HiPP). When considering where to store opened formula, be sure to choose a clean, dry and dark place and be sure the pouch is fully sealed!


Have any further questions!? Here are some additional posts we believe may be helpful:

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Wishing you all happy feeding times that result in a well-fed baby!

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