5 toxins to avoid in your baby’s environment... That you might not be aware of and what to use instead!

5 toxins to avoid in your baby’s environment... That you might not be aware of and what to use instead!

July 27, 2018

Following our series: “Non-toxic Baby products and practices” where we already shared with you how to avoid toxins in your baby products and toys, today at the Organic Baby Food Shop we would like to walk you through some toxins that might be lingering in your baby's environment that are not so obvious and can be avoided.


  • 1. Your cleaning products

  • Most of us like a clean house. To have a clean environment is also beneficial for your baby as exposing it to unnecessary bacteria, dust and dust mites, and viruses can be avoided by having a clean house. Cleaning products, however, contain a high amount of toxins, this includes products to clean your floor, windows, dishes to cloth detergent. All of these dangerous ingredients can be avoided by choosing organic products, or even better yet, making your own. Check out our article on how to make your own organic cleaning products here.

    2. Pesticides

    Though it might be obvious that you should not expose your baby, your pets or even yourself to pesticides such as bug sprays, weed and pest killers which have been linked to neurochemical and behavioral changes in animals as also decreases in stamina, coordination and memory loss in smaller children, they are still commonly used. The bad news is,  pesticide is not only found in obvious products but also in healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Always choose to buy organic. To avoid bugs in your house, there are great alternatives such as installing window and door bug protectors. There are also great homemade bug sprays that can be used to prevent bug bites without harming anyone but the bugs! By simply mixing 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar and witch hazel with 2 ounces of water, 15 drops of citronella essential oil ( lemon or eucalyptus can also be used instead), 15 drops of cedarwood oil, you can make your own organic bug spray that can be applied to both plants as also on your baby´s clothes.


    3. Mercury

    Mercury is another element that should be avoided in your babies environment. Mercury can be found in Fluorescent lights, some types of paint, batteries and small appliances. It has been linked to causing concentration and learning disability to name just a few. Avoid direct or indirect exposure to mercury by not letting your child play with toys that have batteries, under fluorescent lights and go for a thermostat that is Mercury free.

    4. Artificial fragrances

    Sure we all love our house, clothes and babies to smell great, but unfortunately artificial fragrances found in air freshener, lotions, soaps and even in scented candles can cause allergic reactions and worse in your baby. Instead, try to keep it natural and use organic oils (never directly on your baby’s skins) such as vanilla or lemon on your cloth, towels or even spray it with some water on furniture.  And let's face it, there is no better smell then the natural one of a baby so you already have the best fragrance at home!


    5. Plastic

    Yes, we talk about plastic a lot at Organicbabyfood.shop and have written quite a lot about it on our blog. The reason is that plastic is literally everywhere, and so harmful for our environment and our little ones. From toys to plates and sippy cups, plastic is very common. The good news is that we are all more aware of this issue and there are great alternatives to plastic. Try stainless steel or wooden cups and plates for your child, and toys made out of organic material.

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