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The future is now - and Lebenswert stands for a good life

July 28, 2018

Selecting the infant milk formulas of Lebenswert, a brand that has existed since 2009, is easy to explain. The reason is that we have the same goals and values. And we love life as much as Lebenswert loves life.

It stands for that with their name. Lebenswert is a German adjective, composed out of two words: Leben, which means to live and wert which means worth. So practically it means to be worth living. It is liveable. What is liveable?

For Lebenswert treating the nature and environment with care and respect is providing a liveable life, now and in future. This attitude creates high-quality baby nutrition products, whether infant milk formulas or baby porridge, that babies love and that nourishes them in a complete and balanced way.

Lebenswert commits fully to organic farming. Almost all of their ingredients come from Bioland farming, which is the leading association for organic farming in Germany.

That means: no chemical-synthetic fertilizers, no additives such as flavors, colors or preservatives, natural compost instead of artificial fertilizer and a livestock that satisfy the needs of the animals. All of their products are certified with the “Bioland” certification.

And last but not least: Lebenswert not only supports sustainability in their choice of working with Bioland farmers, it takes responsibility for the future in another way: One cent of each product sold is donated in order to support the reforestation of regional forest areas.

We suppose that now you understand why we offer Lebenswert products at Organic Baby Food Shop! And we truly love to be the leading distributors of their products here in the US.

In our shop you can find:

Products will be shipped to you from our warehouses in Los Angeles, California, Freehold, New Jersey, or Austin, Texas within 24 hours - if you order before 5 pm Central Monday through Friday it will be shipped the same day, and before 2 pm Central on Saturday. Make sure to look at our bulk options for discounts and free shipping!

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