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What to avoid in your baby's first toys

July 19, 2018

Either if you are expecting or your baby is already here, one of the most fun (and cute) things to do is to buy those adorable little baby toys. Not only will toys entertain your baby but it can also help boost your baby's cognitive and physical development. While toys are definitely essential for your baby’s development and entertainment, it is also very important to keep an eye on what the toys are made off. Today, in our series “Non-toxic Baby products and practices” at Organic Baby Food Shop we will take a closer look at what to avoid if you are buying your baby toys.

Avoid all toys that include:

Made in China: Unfortunately, most of the toys imported from China do not go under strict quality control as in Europe or in the US. It is for sure a better choice to avoid toys from China to be safe. Fortunately, a label has been created that states “Not made in China”.

Lead: Lead is a chemical element with the symbol, PB. A heavy metal that can cause serious harm to your child's health such as Kidney failure. Fortunately most toy stores in the US have banned toys made with this material, but it is still important to read the labels before purchasing any item for your child.

Bisphenol A (also known as BPA):  this harmful chemical is found in many plastic products and has been linked to attention disorders, development effects, and even cancer. In order to avoid this chemical, it is also important to avoid exposure to plastic. To find out more read our article

Plastic in general: Though hard to avoid, if you are planning to buy a toy made out of plastic make sure it has the ASTM Label (which means it has been approved by the American Society for Testing Materials) and the 100% PVC free label, which stands for not containing phthalates.

wood toysBut enough about the bad stuff, we have some good news too! There are many many fun and educational toys that are purely organic, usually made out of wood or bamboo. Most of the companies that feature bamboo or wood toys are eco-friendly, 100% toxin free and will support your child throughout every stage of development! Another great thing about using wood or bamboo toys is that it lasts for years and years, and can be passed on to siblings. Other  great news is that these kind of toys are not much more expensive than the regular toys. Non-toxic, Organic, Eco-Friendly and a safe alternative. We love them!

Another great alternative is Organic Cotton or Organic Hemp Material toys, these materials are especially great for softer toys! Make sure you only use Organic fabricated products. What is your baby's favorite toy?

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