Tips For Babies With Reflux

Tips For Babies With Reflux

June 25, 2024

If your baby is suffering from pain related to reflux, you are probably desperate for an answer, along with ways to remedy the situation. While reflux and spitting up is quite normal for most babies, excessive pain and crying because of it is not typical. Let's explore how to recognize the signs of reflux, as well as natural tips for helping your baby through it. 


Spitting Up vs Reflux

While just about every baby will spit up a bit after feedings, especially if they get too full, reflux takes things just a bit further. The reason that babies typically spit up is because the muscle between the esophagus and the stomach needs some time to mature. This usually does not happen until about four months of age and for some, it happens closer to one year old. If your little one is spitting up, but is otherwise gaining weight and not showing signs of discomfort, then this is something that will likely pass soon. If, however, they seem to be showing obvious signs of discomfort, reflux could be to blame. Always consult with your child's care provider if you are unsure, but also lean into your own intuition as a parent. If your baby seems to be uncomfortable, be sure to take note of when in the day or night this is happening. Is it directly following a feeding or are there any other obvious factors that could be contributing? Keep a notepad with these observations and share them at your baby's checkup as needed.


Pain Related To Reflux

If you are noticing pain related behaviors in your baby, such as arching of the back, inconsolable crying, refusal to eat or otherwise erratic eating patterns, hiccups, hoarseness or trouble gaining weight, then you are more than likely dealing with a case of reflux. Reflux and the pain it causes can be traced to a few different things. If your baby is breastfed, it is possible that a food item that the Mama is consuming could be the cause for the reflux. If this is the case, your baby's care provider can help to identify and eliminate those foods from Mom's diet. If your baby is bottle fed, it could possibly be something in their formula that is causing this reaction. In this case, consulting with your baby's care provider can also help to find a solution that helps. The main factors to consider are that the baby needs enough nourishment to grow, and they should be comfortable. If excessive spit up is causing them not to retain enough nutrients from their milk, then something needs to change. 


Natural Remedies For Reflux

When feeding your baby, be sure to take care to minimize the amount of air they may be sucking down during feedings. Holding them slightly upright and stopping to burp periodically will help as well. Once they have digested, if they seem uncomfortable, try holding them in various positions. Laying them on their belly over your lap while gently patting their back for example can help. Wearing them in a baby carrier while walking around or getting down on the ground for tummy time can also be effective ways to get them through pains and fussiness. 


Formulas To Try

When it comes to nourishment, organic European formulas such Lebenswert & Holle are made with natural ingredients, no additives and are gentle on tiny tummies. In specific, HiPP Anti Reflux is formulated to soothe your little one's stomach by using Natural Locust Bean Gum to help relieve discomfort. This specific formula is intended for all stages and contains all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients to support early growth needs. Here are what a few customers dealing with baby reflux had to say after trying HiPP Special Anti Reflux Formula:


HiPP Anti Reflux Formula


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