Signs That Your Baby Is On The Right Formula

Signs That Your Baby Is On The Right Formula

June 14, 2023

With a variety of formula options to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is the right choice for your baby. Finding a formula that best meets their dietary needs is key however, and their little bodies will tell you exactly how well their formula is meeting those needs. Here are a few simple ways to be sure that your little one is getting the most out of their baby formula:

Signs baby is on the right formula

Symptoms You Want To See

To get started, look for those positive signs that tell you your baby is happy overall! If their formula is a right fit for them, they should be eager to take their bottle, seem content after a feeding and free of tummy pains or digestive issues, have regular bowel movements and be on track with their developmental weight gain. These signs should be evident whether your baby has been on their formula for an extended period of time, as well as if they have changed to a new one. These are all tell tale signs that their body is responding well to the formula they are consuming!

Baby Reflux

Symptoms To Look Out For

On the contrary, if you recognize any of the following signs in your baby, chances are their formula is not reacting well with their body and it may be time for a change. Overall fussiness and digestive discomfort such as arching of their back, straining to have a bowel movement or excessive spit up and vomiting can all be symptoms that signal a problem. Additionally, pay attention to their bowel movements. Are they constipated, experiencing diarrhea or do they have blood in their stool? These are not normal symptoms either. Other things to look for include a rash and trouble breathing, as these symptoms signify a possible allergy and should be responded to immediately.

As you decipher your baby’s unique nutritional needs, we suggest checking out the following posts to help you to identify a possible allergy or intolerance to their current formula:

Signs that your baby might be allergic to their formula

Diarrhea when switching formula, what's wrong?

How to become a baby poop expert

Happy Baby Organic Baby Formula
What To Do Next

If your baby is currently doing well on the formula they are consuming, then you rest easy! Always keep an eye out and make note of changes you notice in their behavior overtime, but know that an overall happy baby is a great sign that they are on the right formula for them! If your baby is experiencing any signs of a formula allergy or intolerance however, we want to help you find the option that best suits their needs and clears up those worrisome symptoms. Babies who switch to our organic formula do better and many parents share that our formula options have helped to directly address concerns surrounding allergies and digestive pains. Here are what a few parents have to say about how well their baby did when switching to our organic formula:

Holle Goat Milk Baby Formula Stage 1

Best Goat Milk Baby Formula Holle

Holle Organic Goat Milk Formula Stage 2

Best Goat Milk For Babies Holle Stage 2

HiPP Anti Reflux Baby Formula

HiPP Anti Reflux Organic Baby Formula

Have you tried any of our formulas and noticed a difference in your little one’s overall health and happiness?! If so, please share with us below!

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