Different kinds of baby skin rashes and how to naturally cure them

Different kinds of baby skin rashes and how to naturally cure them

July 23, 2018

You are feeding your baby the best formula, you are using only organic products on their skin but yet, chances are that at one point or another, your baby might get a skin rash. Let's have a look of what different kind of rashes your baby can get, and how to naturally cure them at home. Unfortunately, when your baby gets a rash and you take them to a conventional doctor, he or she might prescribe creams that include steroids or antibiotics. While we always recommend visiting a pediatrician with anything related to your baby’s health, there are still some simple home remedies that can help with the rashes, without exposing your baby to unnecessary potentially harmful ingredients.

When you use homemade organic remedies you know exactly what you are exposing your baby to, and at least for us at Organicbabyfood.shop this is a relief.

Let's take a look together at the kind of rashes you baby might get, and what you can do about it:

Cradle Cap

oatmealThis is a very common rash and is due to a skin inflammation caused by overproduction of oil glands and can be identified by scaly flakes on your baby's scalp. If your baby has Cradle Cap you can apply 1/3 organic oatmeal blended into a type of powder form and mixed with ¼  cup of water. Gently apply it to your baby's scalp and let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse with water. After you can apply a few drops of organic olive oil or organic coconut oil. After a few days, the rash should be fully gone, if not consult a pediatrician.

Diaper rash

coconut oil for skin rashAh! The rash of all rashes.  Diaper rash is a common uncomfortable occurrence on our babies’ little behind. If your baby's bottom has irritated red skin around the diaper area, it might have a diaper rash. This rash usually occurs if the skin is exposed to humidity for a longer period of time. To avoid diaper rash, we suggest you change the diapers more often or even give your baby time out from wearing them, the more the skin is exposed to fresh air the better. To cure this rash, we found organic coconut oil to be very helpful, another great alternative is organic calendula oil mixed with a bit of water, to create a protective barrier.


remediesIf your baby has white patches in the mouth or on the tongue, this could be Thrush. This condition can be very painful for your baby and it might even have problems swallowing, in order to ensure it is not something else, we recommend seeing a doctor. If it is indeed Thrush, applying organic cold probiotic yogurt (sugar-free) to the area with your clean fingers can give great relief, after applying one drop of organic garlic oil or organic black walnut extract 3 - 4 times a day until the rash goes away.


TeaIf you see dry, itchy flaky skin on your baby, it might be due to an Eczema. There are many reasons why an Eczema can appear on your baby's skin, but they are usually due to some kind of trigger of foods like dairy, or ingredients in soap and laundry detergent. If you think that your child could have an allergic reaction or intolerance, please always consult a doctor to find out the cause. To cure an Eczema there are several easy methods such as applying coconut oil to the affected area, a warm bath with a ½ cup of organic ground oatmeal for the itching or boil two cups of water with organic chamomile and nettle tea. Once the water is cooled down, gently wash the area with a clean and soft washcloth.

What do you use on your baby when it gets a rash? Any secret you want to share?

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