How To Pick The Best Bottle Warmer

How To Pick The Best Bottle Warmer

December 27, 2023

Whether you are currently building your baby registry, or looking for items that will help simplify your routine when it comes to feeding the little one in your arms, we are excited to share all about bottle warmers with you today! Choosing the right bottle warmer not only helps to warm up baby's milk in just minutes, but it can help to ease the overall process when preparing your baby's bottles both at home and on the go. You may be wondering why you would need to use a bottle warmer in the first place, so you should know that bringing your baby's bottle to a comfortable temperature before feeding them is important! When heating breast milk or formula, you will always want to avoid placing the bottle or milk directly in the microwave, as that can scorch nutrients and possibly cause unsafe hot spots in the milk. Both of these things could harm your little one and should be avoided. For more on the things to consider when heating or re-heating baby's milk, check out this post: The Dos & Don’ts of Reheating Formula - 

Additionally, you can opt to warm their bottles safely by using a warmer! Here are the top five attributes to look for:

How to pick the best bottle warmer

1.  Consider portable vs power cord versions

This first tip is helpful in narrowing down the kind of bottle warmer that would best suit your family's needs. If you travel often or would benefit from a warmer that does not require the use of an electrical outlet, seeking out a portable version would be best. These are typically powered by batteries and can conveniently be used anywhere. Sometimes portable versions can be a bit smaller in size, which make them extra easy to bring along on the go. If you would prefer a version that is a staple tool in your kitchen and stays in the same spot the majority of the time, then a version that requires an outlet is probably a better choice. Likewise, if most of your baby's feedings take place at home, then having it in a central location is going to be easier when it comes time to prep a bottle.

2. Do you want a multi-use warmer?

While portable bottle warmers may be your preference for travel and outings, some families may desire a bottle warmer that offers a few extra functions. For example, there are various bottle warmers that are made with built-in settings to defrost frozen breast milk, warm baby food and sterilize bottles after feedings! If you are a parent of multiples, there are even versions that can warm more than one bottle at a time. Keep in mind that multi-use bottle warmers may be on the more costly side, so if cost is a factor, this is a point you will want to consider. Many families find the convenience of a multi-use warmer a welcomed help as the various functions can really ease the load of prepping baby's meals as well as cleaning up the bottle parts after feedings. 

In addition to the helpful nature that a multi-use bottle warmer can offer a tired parent, be sure to check out the convenient shipping options when feeding your baby organic baby formula:

Shipping Policy | Organic Baby Food Shop | Ship from CA, TX, IL & NY -

Preparing baby formula

3. Factor in the time it takes to warm the milk

While bottle warmers are made to meet the unique heating needs of breast milk and formula, without scorching out necessary nutrients, some warmers accomplish this quicker than others. When your little one is ready to eat, they likely will not want to wait for long before having their bottle. Pay attention to the warmer's manual to factor the amount of time it will take for it to do the job. If you are using a bottle warmer for every feeding, perhaps a quicker time allowance will be important. If the warmer is used less frequently however, the amount of time required to warm the milk may not be as important to you.

4. Consider your budget

Bottle warmers come at all different price points, and depending on the various attributes shared above, as well as your personal budget, thinking through the cost is helpful. If you typically breastfeed and only plan to use a bottle warmer on occasion, choosing a lower priced version is probably preferable. If however you offer your baby a bottle for every feeding, opting for a higher end warmer may be worth it to you in the long run.

5. No warmer nearby!? Try this simple hack instead!

Even if you have selected the bottle warmer that best meets your family's needs, you may find yourself in a pinch from time to time. Perhaps your little one gets hungry while out running errands or while visiting a loved ones home. If you don't have your bottle warmer handy, simply running your little one's bottle under warm water will do the trick. Likewise, you could fill a coffee mug with water, heat it in the microwave until warm, and then set the bottle in the warm water for a few minutes until it reaches the desired temperature.

How to choose the perfect bottle warmer

Have you found the perfect bottle warmer? If so, let us know which one you chose below! 

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Happy Feeding, friends!

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