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Holle and the environment

July 21, 2018

Could we rave even more about Holle and their amazing formulas? Yes, we actually can! 😊

For us, in order to take care of our babies it is just as important to take care of our mother nature, as this planet is the one our babies will grow old on.

Holle and Lebenswert have always been our go-to formulas due to their countless benefits for our baby´s health! However there is so much more to rave about when speaking about Holle, and one of these reasons would definitely be their sustainability.

Holle has been manufacturing organic baby food, using Demeter standards only, for over 80 years now and they are well aware of the responsibility this includes. Their main goal is not only to provide the best formula and food for our children but also for the environment, meaning our babies’ future.

Holle’s core values strongly lay on sustainable management and social responsibility. Their operation methods are based on the desire to ensure that our future generations will be able to live and enjoy a healthy environment on our planet. Holle constantly works hard to make their products more sustainable, through a wide range of projects and measures.

Under their Motto: Making Soil Good Again, they are participating in global climate protection. Holle has been compensating for its CO2 emission generated during the production of their baby milk for their formulas since 2013. Since November 2014 all Holle Baby Porridges and Holle Cereals are also CO2 neutral products. Holle Organic Goat milk formula has been neutral starting 2016.

Organic Baby Food Shop loves Holle and all of their products, and we are sure if you try them, you will too!

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