Five Tips for Finding a Date Night Sitter

Five Tips for Finding a Date Night Sitter

December 13, 2022

From decking the halls, to shopping for presents, attending holiday festivities and creating meaningful family traditions, this time of year can be busy in the very best way for parents! That is why it is important to be sure that while you are busy soaking up the magic of the holiday season with your little one(s), you are also being intentional about carving out a little bit of time just for you and your partner to enjoy as adults. Whether you have plans to attend a holiday party or would love to plan a date night out with your significant other to celebrate New Year’s Eve, here are some tips that can help you to enjoy a little break from parenting duties in order to soak up the magic of the season with the one that you love!

 Date Night Sitter Tips

Tip #1: Find the Perfect Sitter

If you have never left your little one(s) before, finding a trusted caregiver for them so that you can enjoy some time away as adults can feel daunting. This is a normal feeling for parents to experience! Do you have any family members nearby that would be willing to lend a hand? That could be a great option! If not, ask around your neighborhood. Perhaps you know another young family in the area. Ask if they can recommend a sitter they know and trust. Reach out to your local church, YMCA or library as well to see if they can recommend a childcare provider in your area.


Tip #2 Conduct an Interview

Once you believe you have found a sitter, invite them to your home so that you can ask them questions and get to know them. Conversations surrounding their pay rates, duties they are comfortable with while you are away, the number of children they are comfortable watching, as well as asking them to share any prior childcare experience they have is a great place to start. You can also ask them for references and be sure to talk through any specific views or preferences you have while they will be caring for your child.

 How to find the perfect baby sitter

Tip #3 Set Up a Trial Run

Once you feel comfortable, ask if they could set up a time to come back to play with your child while you get some things done around the house. This is a great way to ease your child into the idea of being left under the care of someone else while you are still in the home, all while they get to know each other! During this time, take note of how your child and the sitter are interacting together and let the sitter know that they can ask you any questions if needed during this time. Likewise, if you overhear anything that makes you uncomfortable or if you think of anything that would be beneficial for their time together, let them know. Be sure to compensate them for this, too!

If your sitter is a family member, it still may be beneficial to have them come by and play with your little one while you are home as a trial run. While they might already be comfortable around your baby, leaving your child with anyone can feel a little unnerving for parents, so do all that you can to ensure you are comfortable with the situation before your big date!

 Five Tips for Finding a Date Night Sitter

Tip #4: Leave a Written Schedule & Emergency Info

Depending on what time of day or night you will be heading out, be sure to prepare yourself, your little one and their caregiver ahead of time to make the experience as smooth as possible. Make a written list of your child’s schedule for the time that you will be out so that the sitter can follow it and invite your sitter over early so that you both have enough time to review it together before you leave. Even if the caregiver has experience caring for other little ones or even if they are a family member, it is important for you to feel fully comfortable leaving them alone with your child as no two babies are the same! This is a great time to be sure they know their way around your home, where to find spare diapers and wipes, changes of clothes, what the baby or toddler is able to eat, how to warm up a bottle, and so on. Also, leave a copy of written details that your sitter can access in case of an emergency while you are away. Be sure to include information such as your child’s full name, birthdate, any medical information or allergies, your number, your spouse’s number, your house address (in case they need to call 911 for any reason, it is convenient for them to have your address right in front of them), the number to the pediatrician and perhaps a neighbor they can call if needed! You can tape these things up right on the refrigerator door or on the inside door of your pantry, that way they are always handy if needed.

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 Finding a Date Night Sitter

Tip #5 Enjoy your time away!

When your date night arrives, enjoy it! While you may feel some jitters and miss being with your baby, it is so important to prioritize time away with your partner so that you can reconnect and recharge. This is a great way to ensure that you can both be the very best parents you can be. Parenting is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding journeys of a lifetime and taking care of yourselves as parents is the first step to cultivating a healthy and happy family!


Has it been a while since you and your partner have enjoyed some kid-free time together? Do you have plans to enjoy a date night during the holiday season? If so, let us know below!

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