May 10, 2018

Just over one year ago,  we would have never thought that what started as a simple idea to provide parents in the USA the best organic formula available, would turn into such a great success! Yet here we are, one year later, thousands of happy customers and 3 offices across the USA. Yes, we now have offices and warehouses in California, Texas and our new addition New Jersey/ New York!

We are forever grateful and humbled by the support we have received each day on this journey from our loyal customers. It is essential for us to provide the best formulas the fastest way possible, so we strategically opened these offices around the US to be the closest to you. We are thrilled to announce that if you are on the East Coast, we will now be able to ship to you even faster! Having different offices in different areas not only helps us ship faster but also ensures that your baby will never run out of formula due to weather conditions.

This is still the beginning of our journey with you, but we promise we will always work even harder to provide the best organic formula to you the fastest and safest way.

Thank you so much for your continuous trust and support and making all this happen!

Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Warm regards

The Organic Baby Food Shop Team

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