Best formula for gassy babies

The best formula for digestive problems and gas

May 09, 2018

There is nothing more stressful than having your baby cry in discomfort or pain and not knowing what is wrong and how to help it. One simple, but not to obvious reason can be gas and/or constipation. Luckily, we have fed our babies Lebenswert  since the beginning and have never encountered this in Eleanora or Philippa. We are convinced this was due to our choice to feed them the right formula from the beginning. However, countless parents are reaching out to us at the Organic Baby Food Shop,  asking us what the best formula for constipation, indigestion, and gas is.

To better understand what causes these conditions in your baby, let's have a look at some facts:

What causes Gas in Babies?

It is important to note that gas is a common condition in babies, especially during the first three months of life as their intestines are still maturing. It is also very common between ages 6-12 month when we are introducing our babies to formula and different foods.

Babies eat around the clock and swallow a lot of air when doing so, which can lead to a gassy painful belly. Usually, after 12 months, your baby's intestines are fully developed and the issues with gas and constipation disappear by itself. However, some babies just can't tolerate the formula they are being fed and having a closer look at some formulas ingredients, it comes as no surprise. Some US brands contain ingredients that can cause gas, constipation or even worse. The reason for this is that they contain ingredients that have been banned for good in Europe such as sugar, glucose, and pesticides. You can read more on this subject in our other articles.

Though gas in certain degrees is normal in a baby, some babies have a very hard time passing it, causing pain and distress. If this is your case, it is essential to look into your baby’s diet and make the necessary changes. Fortunately, there are some great formulas that are not only healthier for your baby in so many ways but will also ease the digestive problems such as Gas and Diarrhea.


Best formula for gassy babies

Though most of our customers notice almost immediate change in their babies well being, gas and digestion after switching to Lebenswert or Holle without having to change anything else, HiPP carries a special product line for babies with digestive problems.

HiPP  Special Comfort for instance is specially designed to aid your babies digestion by softening the stool which works as a miracle if your baby is suffering from constipation. HiPP´s Combiotic line is also one of our top choices when it comes to aiding your baby’s digestion. 

We can honestly say, based on our own experience and feedback from our costumers at the Organic Baby Food Shop, switching to Holle, Lebenswert or HiPP will not only make a huge difference in your baby's digestion but to its overall health.

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