10 great uses of coconut oil for babies

10 great uses of coconut oil for babies

May 07, 2018

At the Organic Baby Food Shop and as parents we try, whenever possible, to only use mother nature’s products on both ourselves and our two girls.

There are great organic all-natural products we can use for so many things, rather than buying harmful over-the-counter products. One of our absolute favorites is organic Coconut oil. The benefits of this all-natural substance are endless, especially for your skin.

If we had to nail it down to just 10, these would be our favorite coconut oil remedies for your baby (and yourself)!

  1. DIAPER RASH - Even if you frequently change your baby, Diaper Rash can still occur. It is a common form of inflamed red skin, that will show mainly around your baby´s button in a patchwork of red skin. To help cure, and even prevent this uncomfortable rash, simply rub some coconut oil on the affected area. Rather than using a creme full of toxins, coconut oil will work just the same and even faster! Make sure your baby's skin is dry and clean before doing so.
  2. INSECT BITES - No matter how hard you try, bugs always seem to find a way to your baby's skin. If your baby has been bitten, rub some coconut oil on the bite, it will not only relieve the itching, but will also aid the skin to heal itself faster.
  3. EAR INFECTION - You should never treat any infection of your baby lightly, especially a painful ear infection. Before exposing your baby to antibiotics and its many side effects, try rubbing some coconut oil into your baby's ear. If it doesn't get better, visit your pediatrician.
  4. CRADLE CAP - Another common skin condition in babies. It is usually found on top of your baby's head, characterized by yellowish and brown scales, caused by excessive production of sebum. Simply rub some coconut oil on the affected area on a daily basis until the dry skin is completely healed.
  5. BABY ACNE - Though we usually relate acne to adolescence, babies can get small pink pimples too, often this is caused by having been exposed to maternal hormones. They usually go away by itself, but washing your babies skin with an organic soap and applying coconut oil on the skin with the acne will speed up the process.
  6. HAY FEVER - If your baby is sneezing or might even have an allergic reaction to pollen, a safe and easy way to help prevent it is simply applying some coconut oil to your baby's nostrils. This will prevent the pollen get into your babies nose.
  7. TEETHING - As we already explained in our article 5 Natural teething remedies that work Coconut oil will help with the inflammation of the gums. Rub some coconut oil on your baby´s gums, it will help with the pain!
  8. THRUSH - Coconut oil can be a very effective cure for fungal infections as it has natural antifungal properties. Again, simply apply some coconut oil to the infected area, it will help ease the discomfort and get rid of thrush altogether.
  9. BATH - Add some coconut oil to your baby's daily bath to get an extra soft clean skin. It is also great as a conditioner for their hair.
  10. MOISTURISER -  Give your baby a gentle massage after each bath with coconut oil. It will leave their skin moisturized and soft.

We could really go on and on raving about the amazing benefits coconut oil can have! Do you use Coconut oil for yourself and your baby? What is your favorite remedy?

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