HiPP Sensitive Baby Formulas & Bedtime Formulas

Best Formulas for Sensitive Babies

Having a baby with colic or reflux problems can be difficult to say the least. These babies always seem to be uncomfortable, leaving their parents in an endless struggle trying to figure out how to ease their discomfort or, worse, their pain. HiPP’s line of formulas for sensitive babies has brought relief for many families who have dealt with colic and reflux issues.

The HiPP formulas you see above are specifically designed to cover the dietary needs of babies who have sensitive bellies or problems with digestion. With their reduced lactose and gentle ingredients, these formulas are easy to digest so your little one can finally have a happy, full tummy. The HiPP Special Comfort formula softens stools and is extra tender on the belly — perfect for babies suffering from colic. HiPP’s Anti-Reflux option contains high-quality locust bean gum for a thicker formula that stays down instead of being spit back up.

You’ll also find HiPP goodnight milk available here: one for babies 6 months and older and another for babies 10 months and older. This formula is meant to be given to your baby just before bedtime and offers a combination of filling nutrients that will keep your little one satisfied through the night.

If your baby has problems with reflux or colic, we also recommend Lebenswert and Holle formulas, as they are also two great brands of regular formula which thousands of parents have reported success through battling these uncomfortable symptoms! Whether you’re looking for restful sleep with HiPP’s night time formula or you need colic or reflux relief with the Colic Support or Anti-Reflux options, you’ll find everything right here at great, low prices. What’s more, we offer fast free shipping on all orders. Reach out to us with any questions; otherwise, order your HiPP formula today!