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HiPP Bio Formula

Easy-to-Digest HiPP Organic Infant Formula


HiPP is a German company whose baby formulas are composed of exactly what your little one needs as they grow and develop. The 100% organic ingredients that make up HiPP’s bio milk for babies are specifically designed to mimic breast milk, offering your baby an excellent option if breastfeeding isn’t possible.

HiPP’s German formula is gluten-free with no chemicals or toxins. What’s more, it has no soy, wheat, or peanut ingredients: ideal for babies who are prone to allergies. Please note: this line of HiPP formulas does not contain the prebiotics and probiotics that HiPP’s Combiotic line offers. Given the fact that this is a plain formula, we recommend going with the Lebenswert or Holle versions, as they adhere to even higher standards than HiPP.

Made with milk from cows that are raised on biodynamic farms, HiPP formula uses only ingredients sourced from suppliers that adhere to ethical farming practices — so you know you’re nourishing your baby and helping the environment. The Bio formula available here supports your little one as they develop and reach important milestones, transitioning from the very first days with Pre all the way up to the toddler years with Stage 3.

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