Quick & Easy Baby Food Recipes

Quick & Easy Baby Food Recipes

March 05, 2024

With springtime just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share some organic baby food recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious, too! Making your own baby food can seem intimidating at first, but it truly is pretty simple. One of the very best parts of making baby food at home is getting to know exactly what is going into your little one's food. With the help of a food processor or blender, a storage container of your choice, along with organic and in season produce, you can whip up a batch of ready to serve, homemade baby food, and store enough to keep on hand for the whole season! Here are some tips, tricks, and recipe ideas to please your baby's taste palettes and nourish their growth.


Before you begin, consider gathering the following items:

  • Food processor or blender
  • Large, freezer safe storage container for storing bulk amounts of baby food puree
  • Reusable baby food pouches or containers for individual feedings. You can browse from an array of glass, silicone or BPA-free plastic versions with help from a quick online search 
  • Paring Knife, Strainer, Peeler, Cutting Board
  • An array of organic fruits and veggies

 Quick homemade baby food

Tips & Tricks:

  • Consider visiting a local farm stand that sells organic produce. This is a great way to support local small businesses while having a better idea of where your baby's food is coming from. 
  • If you purchase produce from the grocery store, work with whatever in season fruits and veggies they have and swap them as needed to fit the recipes below. 
  • If your ability to find organic produce is limited, this article is a great way to help you navigate which items you can use without the organic label: The Dirty Dozen vs The Clean Fifteen: When To Buy Organic Fruits & Veg - Organicbabyfood.shop
  • Fresh purees can be stored in the freezer in an appropriate container for up to three months. Just be sure that if you bring it out to defrost, that you do not refreeze it. Consider storing purees in small containers if you are hoping to bring out just enough for one or two feedings as it is not recommended to refreeze thawed purees. 
  • If you need to make a puree smoother, you can add breastmilk or organic European formula and mix until you reach the desired consistency. Just note that any of the serving that your baby does not finish following a meal should be discarded as it is not recommended to reuse the mixture once their saliva has been introduced to it, especially with added breastmilk or formula. 
  • When thawing frozen purees, heat a bowl of water and place the storage container of puree directly into the bowl until the puree warms up. 
  • For individual servings, keep in the fridge for up to 24 hours and aim to use it within this time period. 
  • Consider introducing your baby to one food item at a time, and consult their care provider for more tips to be sure that any possible allergies or intolerance to certain foods can be addressed appropriately. 

 Organic Baby Food Recipes

1. Minty Peas

*Best for babies who are just starting out on purees

This recipe is great for little ones who are just getting used to purees! All you need is 3 cups of organic peas & 1 sprig of mint. To make, boil 1 cup of water over the stove and steam the peas for about 10 minutes, or until soft. Strain the water from the pot, place the peas into a food processor, add the mint and blend until you reach desired consistency. Portion the puree out into the bulk storage or individual cups and place in the fridge to cool. If you are hoping to save the bulk portion, place directly into the freezer! You can make this recipe without the mint too, but the mint does add some fun flavor to the mix so perhaps you can try it both ways. 

 Quick easy and healthy baby food recipes

2. Banana  & Avocado Blend

*This is best suited for babies who have tried both of these foods separately already. It is great for young babies as the texture is extra smooth thanks to the avocado but can also be served to older babies as well as it is a great option to freeze as a frozen treat!

To make, combine 2 peeled bananas with two peeled avocados. Place into the food processor and blend until smooth. This combination offers a whole lot of vitamins and nutrients...and anytime you add an avocado to purees, it naturally makes the texture extra smooth! For older babies and young toddlers, you can consider freezing this blend in an ice cube tray or popsicle mold and serving as a yummy, frozen treat!

 Organic spring baby food recipes

3. Berry Spinach Yogurt 

*This is best suited for older babies, closer to age one and older, who have already tried each of the foods separately. 

To make, gather one cup of washed spinach and boil in 1/4 cup of water over the stove until steamed. Then, drain and combine the spinach with one cup of washed strawberries and half of a cup of plain, organic greek yogurt. Combine all food items into a food processor and blend. This is a tasty recipe to try for your little one's breakfast! 


Looking for more inspiration when it comes to homemade baby food recipes or tips for introducing new foods? Be sure to check out these posts below: 

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Have you tried any of these recipes or do you have any of your own that you would like to share!? If so, leave let us know below!

Wishing you all happy feedings & a beautiful spring season ahead! 

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