How long should babies stay on baby formula? 

How long should babies stay on baby formula? 

February 12, 2019

Your baby is not a tiny little gurgling miracle anymore, he or she is growing up and... dare we say it, becoming a robust toddler.

You're baby proofing the house, removing choking hazards, seeing sharp dangerous corners everywhere and wondering ‘what on earth am I going to do with the dog food’ so that your wandering and very busy toddler doesn't play with it, or even worse, eat it. You might laugh. Go ahead.

It’s possible that you're thinking; hey, we hit the 12 month milestone, how long do babies stay on formula? It's time to go to with cow's milk! The Organic Baby Food Shop has something even better  than cow's milk. See, the problem with cow's milk, is that it lacks iron. Not to mention the important fact that some children also have problems with allergies, and lactose intolerance. 

So what does that mean? At what age do babies stop drinking formula?

Well, they don't have to stop at 12 months old, especially if they are a fussy eater and they’re not getting enough iron and nutrients from their diet. A great solution for fussy eaters, and regular energetic non-stop toddlers, is stage 3 and 4 formulas. They're also known as ‘toddler formulas’ or ‘growing up formulas’. The benefit they provide is the nutrients and iron that they contain. Mixed with cereals or offered in a sippy cup they can help give parents peace of mind that their toddler's dietary needs are being met.

So if you are wondering how long should babies stay on formula, consider your child's characteristics and needs. Do they eat well and enjoy a balanced diet? Do they like their formula and are happy drinking from a sippy cup and not from a bottle? Do they have special needs for more iron to help their growth, and lots of nutrients to keep them balanced and healthy? Do they have a sensitive tummy or any digestive problems? There are lots of reasons to stay with growing up formula after your child's first birthday and we have some great stage 3 and 4 formulas available in our shop:

  •  Lebenswert Stage 3 Organic Formula is packed with vitamin D and calcium which is great for the growth of lovely strong bones and, if that wasn’t enough, it also provides vitamin A and C for a healthy and thriving immune system. Can cow’s milk offer you that much? Bah! Not likely!
  • Holle Stage 4 Organic (bio) toddler formula - if stage 3 wasn’t enough to have you performing an excited little silent brain dance, yes, we know, vitamins excite us too… it’s ok. There is even stage 4 formula! It can be fed from 12 months and more, and is great as part of a mixed diet or for the preparation of porridge. It’s made for the increased nutritional needs of a toddler. The protein content is great for growing children and contains necessary omega-3 fatty acids.
  • HiPP Organic Combiotic 2 years and up is amazing! I mean, it’s organic and it’s gluten free. It’s gentle on your toddler’s tummy and it contains Omega 3 and 6 LCPs (DHA and AA), prebiotic oligosaccharides (GOS) and also all the needed vitamins, minerals that your small human needs to help them be strong and healthy and grow.

Another common question we've  been asked is what age can babies have cereal in their formula? Have a look at our article here if you want to know more. But basically, they can start as young as 6 months old which is the time when your baby may start to try solid foods... When we say 'solid' we mean squidgy, squashy, mashed, sticky fun variations of food.

As your baby grows up you'll find yourself adding more cereal, and less formula, so that the mixture is more like porridge than thick milk. It's so fun to watch toddlers eating this with their little plastic spoon and developing motor skills. Ok, yes, it's a huge mess. And you'll wonder how sticky cereal got on the roof and in your hair, and all through the dog's fur. But it will be worth it for the giggles and important development of your child.

If you consider that in some countries women breastfeed until their children are 3, 5, 7 years old or more, why not consider growing up milk as a great reassurance that your child is getting their share of iron and nutrients in their diet.

Peace of mind and a strong healthy child. That's two pretty fantastic benefits.

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