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HiPP German formula is the best!

February 19, 2019

If you have reached this page you probably already know about how great HiPP formula is.  

Yes of course, this brilliant German producer use organic ingredients, free from pesticides, herbicides, GMO ingredients, antibiotics, hormones or artificial and synthetic ingredients. That is so fantastic. But even more that those great facts, they exclude all GMO ingredients, antibiotics, hormones or artificial and synthetic ingredients. That’s not even touching upon the great ingredients that are good for your baby or the bio farming!

In our Organic Baby Food Shop we have lots of HiPP formulas to choose from and we want to tell you why we think the original German ones are the best, compared to the Dutch or UK versions.

Ok, yes, the language on the packaging is written in German! And you might be thinking 'ahhhhhhh!' How will I follow the instructions? Don't worry, it's all here on our page in English. And… you may not think it now, but truly, it's pretty simple to make bottles once you get the hang of it.

Here are 3 of our top sellers and personal favorite German HiPP formulas and when you read the benefits you'll understand why we love them so much:

  1. Hipp stage 1 combiotic organic infant formula - with many 5-star reviews reviews this is one of our top sellers and most loved formulas.  This formula is modeled after breastmilk and it uses the best organic milk and contains Omega 3 & 6 LCPs (DHA & AA) not to mention vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your infant needs for healthy development. 
  2. Hipp ha combiotic stage 1 infant formula – the HA stands for hypoallergenic so if you have a sensitive baby this could be a great choice for you. It comes in a 500g box so this is great for freshness. It’s the closest to breast milk you can find and it also contains very similar nutrients and it is recommended by Pediatricians both in Europe and the US. Where do I sign up? We’ve had some sensitive bubs and anything to ease their discomfort is absolute bliss.
  3. Hipp organic combiotic stage 2 infant formula - no starch – if you are really married to the Dutch Stage 2 formula because it has no starch, why not try this option? This great German HiPP formula is ideal for infants 6-10 months to age. It has natural vitamins and minerals and the fact is has no starch is great because starch can make it difficult for a new stomach to digest the formula. And of course as parents we don’t want that!

With all these great German formulas to choose from and easy instructions to access on our blog, we really encourage you to go with the original; with the HiPP German formula and not the Dutch or UK versions.


HiPP Dutch vs HiPP German vs HiPP UK: Why choose the German version?

There are a few reasons and the main one is availability and quality.

The German formulas come in smaller sturdy 500g or 600g boxes. This means they're lighter, we can stock more, and so we can deliver them to you faster.

The Dutch formula comes in a bigger 900g can. Which, sadly for us, is heavier and the tin dents really easily when we import them and when USPS/UPS process the shipments to you - we pack them as tightly as possible but they are very fragile. It means we can't get it to you as fast, and it is harder to control the quality and make sure that it gets to you all nice and round and shiny. And we know that shiny is important, a small glimmer of light in what can sometimes be a pretty hard day. And yes, we know, easy pleasures… ohhh it’s shiny!

Moreover, the Dutch version is produced at a much lower volume, as they are designed for the very small Dutch market compared to the very large German and Austrian market. This means that HiPP can only supply us with very limited amounts of Dutch formula, whereas we have a nearly endless supply of the original German version (not to mention we have a large warehouse and office in Germany near the HiPP office!). The UK version is also very limited in production and has the same issues.

Another advantage of the smaller German HiPP formula boxes is that the formula comes in a smaller quantity. So you open and use it faster and it stays fresher.

So we hope you'll consider the HiPP German baby formulas instead of the Dutch or UK version. We would really encourage you to read some of our customer reviews if you are still uncertain and reach out to us of you want to know more. We love talking to our customers!

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