developing stages for babies

Developing stages for babies of 0-6 months

September 26, 2018

Watching your baby grow is one of the many joys of being a parent. Though personally, we would love to keep our little ones as babies as long as possible, watching them develop into little people amazes us on a daily basis.

You're going to see huge changes in your baby on a monthly basis. Here is what to expect the first 6 months.


1 Month

  • Your baby will learn how to lift their head when on his/her tummy
  • Will respond to sounds
  • Your baby will stare at faces
  • Turn his/her little head towards the light
  • Will see black and white patterns
Baby stages

2 Months

  • Your baby might start making funny sounds such as gurgling and cooing.
  • Will follow faces and objects
  • Hold the little head up for short periods of time
  • Your baby will start recognizing your voice
Baby growing stages

3 Months

  • Your baby will now be able to hold their head steady
  • She/he will recognize your face
  • The baby might start doing mini push-ups
  • 3 months is also the time where your baby might start to smile and laugh
Baby stages of growth

4 Months

  • Your baby will start to bear weight on legs
  • Coos when you talk to her/him
  • Maybe even start reaching out and gasping for objects or toys
Cute baby

5 Months

  • Your baby will start to distinguish between bold colors
  • Start rolling over from tummy to back
  • Your baby will start entertaining his/herself by playing with hands and feet
  • The baby might also start turning toward sounds
Baby formula

6 Months

  • Your baby will start clearly reacting to sounds and voices, by turning towards them
  • Your baby is now ready for some solid foods 
  • The baby might start reaching out to objects to put into his/her mouth
  • Your baby might start imitating sounds and recognizes his/her own name
Baby development

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