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DIY Baby Friendly Halloween Decorations

October 28, 2018

Halloween is a fun time of year right? Spooky costumes, adorable pumpkin baby outfits, fun trick or treating with big brother or sister… but what about decorations that are baby friendly? There’s no need to freak out, our Organic Baby Food Shop has some fun and easy spooky suggestions for you and your baby to enjoy Halloween together.

Forget the hors d'oeuvres with their spikey dangerous cocktail sticks. Don’t even think about googly eyes to decorate your home made crafts. Eradicate all choking hazards and danger and have a safe Halloween with these top 5 Halloween decoration suggestions:

Carve a Halloween pumpkin

Yes, we know, this is an obvious number #1 every Halloween. But it never gets tired or old. Every year you can try a different, slightly harder design. If you live in a slighter warmer Halloween climate you may wish to preserve it (or your hard work will collapse in 3 short days). Wash the pumpkin out, and soak it in a soap and water solution for a few minutes. 3 teaspoons of soap  to 3 gallons of water will do the trick. Then allow it to air dry.

    The Pumpkin Lady is a great resource for free patterns if you are looking for inspiration. Put your work of art on a high shelf out of baby’s reach and create a routine of lighting the candle every night and enjoying the spooky design together.

    pumpkin carving

    Wall Desgins

    Make some wall designs for your baby to look at with a fun Halloween theme. You can easily cut ghost shapes from sparkly silver paper. Simply buy some craft glitter paper and cut out your ghost. Draw the eyes and mouth with black permanent marker and stick them on the wall next to the changing table so that your little one can gurgle and smile and chat to their new friends.

    Sheet Ghost

    Is your baby starting to crawl? A very easy and fun decoration is a ‘sheet ghost’. Simply get an old sheet (or buy a cheap one at the shop) and draw a ghost face on it in bold black marker. Then hang it over a place where your little one loves to crawl! A play pen, between sofas or chairs, and watch your very clever crawler make his or her way under the spooky ghost!

    Mason Jar Lights

    Mason jar lights are always fun and sparkly for a great Halloween window decoration. And your baby will love looking at the patterns and lights that come out of your creation. All you need is: mason jars, some colored tissue paper, mod podge, glue, a paintbrush.

      Mod podge strips of colored tissue paper to your mason jar to make it brightly colored. Put the jar upside down and let it dry while you cut black spooky faces from colored paper. Glue these on and consider decorating the lid. Perhaps with a curly ribbon or some black string.

      The best thing is, you don’t even need tealight candles for these mason jars. Put them on the window sill and let the light pour in. Make sure they are high enough that baby cannot reach them! But pick up and cuddle your best creation (your baby of course!) and show them the beautiful colors during the day.

      Here you can see the ones made step by step by Our best bites.

      Halloween Mason Jars lanterns

      Spinning Mobile

      And last, but not least, a Halloween spinning mobile. Ok, we hear you, this is a little more difficult. How do you get the balance and weights right for a good spinning mobile?

      Fortunately there is a very simple video by Craft Projects Ideas to teach you how to make a really interesting Halloween decoration for your baby:

      Place it above the change table or playmat, and watch it spin. Your baby will be entranced especially if you use bright colors.

      So now you are all ready for baby’s first safe and beautifully decorated Halloween! Enjoy the spooky and creative creations and don’t forget to enter our amazing Halloween contest!

      Share your favorite Halloween baby picture with us for a chance to win our personally chosen gift basket, which includes our favorite organic baby formulas and fun surprises valued at over 100 dollars. Check it out here!

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