Baby and Daddy Moments- how to grow the bond!

Baby and Daddy Moments- how to grow the bond!

September 03, 2018


We have been all about the Mommies lately on our blog, but of course, the Daddy of the family is just as important. Not only does he help care for the baby, he also supports his partner during pregnancy and after. And while the only thing a Daddy can't really do is breastfeed, being a father is just as an important role as being a mother. We have a great Daddy ourselves working at our Organic Baby Food Shop, Scott, and while he can't breastfeed (though we are sure he would if he could, right Scott?), his bond with his two beautiful daughters Philippa and Eleanora is amazing.

Today we want to make this article all about the wonderful Daddies out there, and while sometimes just being close and giving a helping hand when it comes to changing diapers for the 10th time, soothing the child in the middle of the night or helping mommy when she most needs it, is enough... There are also some wonderful bounding rituals a Daddy can do to grow the bound even stronger, especially for new Dads.

The most common one, though still in a way reserved only for the mother is the “Skin to Skin technique”.  There are few things that can smooth a baby and make it happy happier than some skin to skin time with its parents, especially for newborns. And though this is already a natural thing for a mother, especially if she is lucky enough to breastfeed, it for sure isn't something Daddy should miss out. No matter if it is after bedtime bath or just for nap time, your baby will love Daddy's skin on his.

Make up your own fun games or rituals, such as a song that only you sing to your baby, a funny face or noise that only Daddy can do!

Make one of the daily routines yours alone, and we are not talking about only changing the diaper at 4 am (though we are sure Mommy wouldn't mind that at all), but a fun activity that is yours and your child's alone, maybe a bedtime story, some extra playtime, and stick to the routine.

Carry your baby in a sling or front carrier. This is a wonderful way to bond with your child, as it will not only feel close but it will also be able to smell you, and the smell is essential when coming to bonding.

Be part of breastfeeding, though you're not actually the one feeding it you can still be a big part of it. Help Mommy latch the baby, and once finished, for example, take over for burps. Once your partner is pumping for bottle feeding, or organic formula feeding, you can be in charge of feeding the baby altogether.

It is important for new Dads to understand that bonding starts in the womb, and while some dads are fearful to hurt the baby once it’s born, being so tiny and fragile or even thinking that the baby won't even really know who their dad is until a bit older, this is not correct.  The bond between a father and his baby is just as important as the one with the mom and should start at the very beginning.

Above all, just be the amazing dad you already are! Babies will already feel a natural strong bond to their dads, as they naturally provide a sense of safety, maybe because dads usually are a little bit more relaxed around their babies (sorry moms!) :)

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