The right nutrition is just as important as love

The right nutrition is just as important as love

August 23, 2018

A child is a miracle. The miracle of life.

It is formed by the fertilization of an egg and a seed and grows in the uterus of the mother and comes by birth after 8-9 months to the world. And once born, it changes our life miraculously.

As parents, we want to protect and take care of our children. We wish them happiness, joy, fulfillment, and love. We want to give them the opportunity to grow up in harmony with themselves, nature, the world – with everything. Let's start with the diet!

Children cannot live of mere air and love. They need water and food. In the beginning, of course, breastmilk is the best, but when you are at the point that you need or want to switch to formula, we recommend choosing organic baby formula. Why? Because this is the only way to provide your baby the most natural nutrition you can find. The benefits of organic baby formula are numerous.

The world we live in keeps changing.  And so does our food, or better said the food production. You have to know that nowadays, especially in the U.S. baby food industry, certain ingredients such as synthetic or genetically modified nutrients, dioxin, artificial sweeteners, melamine, etc are allowed in commercial baby food even under the label "Organic", and you can find in any store. 25 years ago this was absolutely unthinkable.

But luckily there are still manufacturers in this world, like Holle, Hipp, and Lebenswert that commit themselves to sustainability and natural purity. For producing their organic baby formula and porridges they use ingredients that are grown in biodynamic agriculture from organic farms and the newest technologies. Their organic bioproducts are ISO certified and they support GM-free farming.

Unfortunately, European Organic (Bio)  baby Formulas like Holle, Lebenswert, and Hipp are not to be found in American supermarkets or specialist shops. This is where we step in and ensure all babies have access to what we believe are the absolute best formulas in the world.

We import directly from our office in Germany to our offices in Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, California, New Jersey / New York and personally check each shipment before it departs from Germany, as well as when it arrives in Texas and in California and New York.

Take a look around, get inspired and don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question!

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