3 reasons why HiPP Goat Milk formula is a great option for your baby

3 reasons why HiPP Goat Milk formula is a great option for your baby

January 11, 2023

When choosing how you will nourish your growing baby, there are so many options. While many mothers hope to breastfeed their little one, sometimes that plan does not work out. If you are searching for a formula option that closely mimics all of the benefits of breast milk, you could try Hipp Goat Milk Formula. We are excited to announce that new HiPP Goat Formula products are here, so let’s dive into a few reasons why Goat Milk Formula may be the best option for your baby!

Nutritional Benefits 
HiPP Goat Milk Formula Products contain all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your baby needs, right from the start, and it aids in healthy growth and development. It is free of additives such as preservatives, gluten, soy, starch, wheat or nuts and contains 100% organic ingredients while offering the added benefits of ARA & DHA.

HiPP Goat Milk Products
Easy to Digest
HiPP Goat Milk Formula is easy to digest as it contains A2 protein, which is gentle on little tummies, and it is also enriched with prebiotics. This makes digestion much easier overall which allows for ultimate nutrient absorption. When babies can digest easily, they are able to avoid common tummy troubles such as gas, reflux and pains. Easy digestion also contributes to better sleep, providing your little one with plenty of rest for all the growing they will be doing!

HiPP Goat
Nutrition That is Tailored to Baby’s Changing Needs
As your baby grows, their nutritional needs change! This is why HiPP Goat Milk Formula is available in a variety of stages. The following products allow you to choose the stage that will best suit your little one’s current needs based on age and development. 

0-6 Months: HiPP Goat Milk Stage Pre is tailored to the specific needs of infants from newborn to six months of age and can be fed as a breast milk replacement or supplement. Find it right here: https://organicbabyfood.shop/collections/goat-milk/products/hipp-goat-milk-stage-pre


6-12 Months: HiPP Goat Milk Stage 2 is especially for babies from the ages of 6 months to 12 months. It contains all of the nutritional benefits that HiPP Goat Milk Stage Pre contains, but is tailored to the developmental needs of babies in the 6-12 month age range: https://organicbabyfood.shop/collections/goat-milk/products/hipp-goat-stage-2


12 Months & up: HiPP Goat Stage 3 Organic Formula - Organicbabyfood.shop is tailored to the nutritional needs of toddlers ages 12 months and up!

Goat Milk Formulas

If you would like to browse the full collection of Goat Milk products, you can do so right here: https://organicbabyfood.shop/collections/goat-milk

If you are interested in learning more about the ways Goat Milk Formula makes a great alternative to breast milk as well as how to go about making the switch to HiPP Goat Milk Formula, you can read all about it in this post: https://organicbabyfood.shop/blogs/information/goat-milk-for-babies

Wishing you all happy feedings and happy baby snuggles!

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