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Lebenswert Bio - The Company

Lebenswert Organic Formula

Why is Lebenswert Bio baby formula the best in the world?

Lebenswert formula provides unparalleled quality for your baby. It is the best organic formula available, made with no artificial ingredients, no additives, and no preservatives, no corn syrup, no cane sugar, no gluten, and no soy.
Moreover, the formula exceeds the strict EU guidelines concerning organic farming practices, meaning that it is produced with milk from grass-fed free range cows raised in an exclusively 100% organic and biodynamic farming environment, with zero hormones or pesticides. The milk of Lebenswert Bio comes solely from organic farms from Germany and Austria who keep their cows according to the strict guidelines of the Bioland Association, which mandates biodynamic and sustainable farming techniques.
Lebenswert is made by the company Holle, which is one of the oldest baby formula producers in Europe. Holle was founded in 1933 and has been a pioneer in organic and sustainable agriculture and baby food products since its beginning. Holle has been trusted by generations of people in Europe and throughout the world to provide the best nutrition for the most important people in the world: babies.
Lebenswert Bio actually recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and then a combination with a balanced dietary organic formula diet. If you can not or do not exclusively breastfeed, Lebenswert Bio offers a baby-friendly assortment with 3 different infant milks.

With Lebenswert Bio Anfangsmilch 1 you get a complete mother's milk substitute. This is suitable for feeding from birth and contains all the necessary nutrients that the baby needs during the first six months. The organic Lebenswert Bio milk is also ideal during the switch from breastfeeding to supplementary formula feeding.

After the 6th month you can switch to Lebenswert Bio Folgemilch 2. Lebenswert Bio Folgemilch 2 is adjusted in the composition to the needs of infants who have already received supplementary food. It covers the growing nutrient requirements of infants after the 6th month. Compared to the initial diet, it contains above all more micronutrients, e.g. Iodine, iron, selenium and vitamin K.

From the 10th month onwards, Lebenswert Bio Folgemilch 3 offers a formula adapted to the increasing nutritional needs of older infants. Lebenswert Bio Folgemilch 3 can be used until the age of 3 years.
Unfortunately it is impossible to find similar quality formula sold in most stores in the USA, and it has been very difficult to import Lebenswert formula at an affordable price. However, OrganicBabyFood.Shop solves that problem by providing Lebenswert formula shipped quickly from our Texas  and California offices, imported directly from our facility in Germany. This ensures that we always stock the most fresh formula, and that we can ship it to you quickly. 
A special contribution is made by Lebenswert Bio, by donating one cent for each sold package of Infant formula to the reforestation of forest areas - for a livable environment and for the future of our children.
Join thousands of moms who have found the Lebenswert difference, and who have switched to the best organic baby formula in the world!