We trust Holle, because Holle gives trust!

We trust Holle, because Holle gives trust!

July 01, 2018

In case you are in the situation to choose a baby formula, whether because your breast milk is not sufficient any longer or you’re looking for a smooth transition, we recommend you  to try organic (bio) baby formula from Holle

Why do we trust Holle? Because they believe in the same values that we do. They care about nature and health. They understand a healthy and sustainable way of living and growing and we strongly believe that it is one of the best organic baby formula you can provide your baby with.

Let us introduce you to the company:

Holle is one of the upfront producers of organic baby food. The name Holle may be a tribute to Frau Holle, the ancient goddess and the protectress of agriculture and women's crafts that occurs in many legends and fairytales.

 Since 1933 the company Holle manufactures organic baby food based on anthroposophical dietary principles and biodynamic quality. Only raw ingredients from biodynamic or organic agriculture are being used, no chemical processing and preservatives. The company values highly sustainable economy and social commitment. Holle is committed to supporting biological diversity and are against genetic engineering.

 At their company sites in Switzerland and Germany Holle produces amongst other organic and Demeter-certified baby food products 100% organic (bio) infant milk formulas and baby porridges. 

That's why we confide in Holle as a healthy foundation for our baby's nutrition.

Where can I buy Holle products in the US?

While Holle does not sell their products within the US, there are a few suppliers that import Holle products. After purchasing Holle products through these suppliers we were disappointed with both the price of the product as also the poor service, often receiving packages near the expiration date. So we decided to meet with Holle in Germany and came up with a solution to distribute their product within the USA. This is how Organicbabyfood.shop was born. We import Holle products directly from Germany to our offices in Texas,  California and New Jersey,  where we personally implement strict quality control before shipping the orders to our customers across the US with free shipping, local customer service and for the absolute best price on the market!

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