Hypopressive exercises: a gentle post pregnancy workout

Hypopressive exercises: a gentle post pregnancy workout

August 10, 2018

Today at the Organic Baby Food Shop we want to talk about Hypopressive exercises and the amazing benefits it can have on your body after giving birth.


Not many have heard of Hypopressive exercise yet, though it is growing in popularity on a daily basis in the US. So what exactly is it? Hypopressive exercises, also know as Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics, is revolutionary new technique becoming increasingly more popular for women that have recently given birth, that will help tone body muscles ( especially abs) through posture and breathing exercises using most of the body's muscle while reducing intra-abdominal pressure.

And you want to know the best part? There is no need to go to spend hours at the gym ( as if a new mom would have that kind of time or energy), once you have learned this technique it can simply be carried out at home.

Who is behind Hypopressive exercise?

Dr. Marcel Caufriez was conducting a vaginal exam in the 1980 `s when he noticed that there was an automatic response of the chest expansion followed by a reduction in prolapse during diaphragmatic aspiration.

After this discovery, Dr. Marcel developed a series of exercise based on relaxing the diaphragm and reducing pressure on the internal organs. The result of these exercises was well-toned muscles, both inside and out without putting a strain on your muscles.

While regular ab workouts only include 3-4 % of the core muscle fibers, this method engages 75-80% of them. Hypopressive exercise is carried out during expiratory apnoea and postural positions that facilitate the diaphragm is postural traction. The lower intra-abdominal pressure will raise the internal organs and will activate the abdominal muscles as also the perineal muscles, which basically means that the result will not only be seen from the outside but also from the inside.  

Even and especially after a pregnancy, this type of exercise will help you get back to your post-pregnancy body.  Great, don't you think?

So where can I sign up to learn these exercise?

While there are several online videos where you can learn the basics of this technique, it is important to note that doing this exercise properly can be complex. We suggest you search for a Hypopressive therapist in your area that can show you how to do the postures correctly until you are ready to do them at home by yourself.

Have you tried Hypopressive after giving birth? If so what are your results?

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