how to increase breast milk production

How to increase breast milk production

June 08, 2018

At the Organic Baby Food Shop, we are huge advocates of feeding your baby breastmilk, though we know this is not always possible due to numerous reasons. One of the main causes why mommies seem to switch or add baby formula to their child's diet, is low breast milk supply. Actually, this is the reason why we started feeding baby formula to our first born.

Though not producing enough milk may be a very common fear, especially for first-time moms, in reality, only a small number of mothers truly are not able to make enough breastmilk. If you feel you are not producing enough milk for your baby, always consult a doctor to find out the causes.

Here are our favorite 10 tips on how to increase your breastmilk supply that have worked for us:

1. You are what you eat, and if you are breastfeeding your diet is essential for producing breast milk. Try to eat as many organic natural wholesome foods as possible. Adding foods such as organic almonds, dark green organic veggies and oatmeal is also a great way to boost your milk production.
    2. Drink up! On water that is! Breast milk is made from 90% water. Make sure to drink a lot of fluids.

      3. Don't stress! Naturally, the first reaction we feel when we think we are not producing enough breast milk is to panic. Stress can actually reduce the production of milk, try to stay calm and positive. We find that yoga works great to help us calm down and focus.  It is also a common belief that the movements and circulations in yoga can help produce more milk. There are even specially designed yoga poses for breastfeeding moms. No need to rush to a yoga class, here are some simple poses you can do every day from home.

      4. Nurse, Nurse, Nurse and then nurse some more!  Yes, you might have heard this one before, but the more you actually nurse the more milk you will produce, this is due to the fact that breast milk creation is all about supply and demand. Even if your breasts don't feel full, the sucking reflex of your baby will help stimulate the milk production.

      5. Nurse Skin to Skin. Not only is nursing skin to skin an amazing bonding experience, it also helps release the hormones that help with milk production.

      6. Switch! Make sure you feed your baby from both breasts equally.

      7. Make sure your baby latching on correctly! In order for your breast to get stimulated correctly, it is essential that you baby is latching  the right way. For more information, you can visit our blog post which will give you advice and tips on breastfeeding positions.

      8. Careful what herbs you eat! Though there generally is nothing wrong with adding some herbs to your diet while breastfeeding, too much Peppermint, Sage or Parsley can actually affect your milk supply. Try cutting down on these herbs while you are breastfeeding.

      9. Don't use pacifiers!  Though they satisfy the oral stimulation, unfortunately, pacifiers can also reduce hunger, making your baby wanting to nurse less.

      10. Get enough sleep! Yes, we know, it is extremely difficult to get enough sleep with a newborn, but if you are running low on breast milk it is essential to get enough sleep. Nap when your baby is napping and ask for help from your partner or family.

        If none of the above tips seem to help, don't get frustrated. Fortunately, there are some great organic baby formulas for all different stages you can add or substitute to your babies diet.We would love to hear what has worked for you!

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