Homemade Teething Biscuits

Homemade Teething Biscuits

May 26, 2021

There comes a time when every baby goes through one of the toughest seasons in babyhood…teething! The teething process can be lengthy and begins long before that very first tooth pops through the gumline. You may start to recognize your baby becoming fussier, biting down on anything that comes near their mouth and perhaps you will find the need for drool bibs as they suddenly seem to be drooling around the clock! Your little one may even start to struggle to stay asleep or wake with painful cries. Many of these changes take place in the early stage of teething, all the way up until the tooth is actually visible in their mouth. For some babies, this can happen as early as a few months old, while others may not get their first tooth until later.


While the process is quite difficult for babies and parents alike, there are many ways to help soothe your little one during this phase. If your baby is already accustomed to eating solids, there is a simple recipe you can whip up especially for those sore little gums! Teething Biscuits are a great way for them to relieve the pressure in their gums, while getting to taste new flavors. The following recipe uses just a few ingredients that may already be in your kitchen!


 Teething biscuits

Homemade Teething Biscuits

Makes: 15-20 Biscuits



  • 3 cups old fashioned oats
  • 2 bananas
  • 3 tsp coconut oil
  • spice(s) for flavoring: you could add in a tsp of vanilla or cinnamon to add a little extra flavor

Homemade Teething Biscuits
To Make:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 Degrees
  2. Mix oats in a blender or food processor until they become broken down into the consistency of grainy flour
  3. Add bananas to the food processor and blend until smooth
  4. Add in coconut oil & spices. Mix well
  5. Blend all ingredients until it forms a dough
  6. Portion out 1 tbsp of dough and form into a circular or rectangular shape. Place each piece of dough about 1 inch apart on a foil lined pan
  7. Bake for 8-10 minutes and then flip and bake for an additional 5 minutes, or until the dough turns golden
  8. Place on a cooling rack and allow the biscuits to cool completely before serving
  9. To store the teething biscuits, place in an airtight container!


*Always supervise baby while eating & only serve these to babies who are accustomed to eating solid foods.


Looking for additional natural remedies for your teething baby? Check out this list of ideas: 6 Natural Teething Remedies that Work - Organicbabyfood.shop


If you give this recipe a try, let us know below! 


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