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Health benefits of feeding your baby Holle and Lebenswert

March 21, 2018

If you have been with us for a while, no doubt you have seen us raving about Holle and Lebenswert Formulas all the time. Though it might seem this is a sales strategy, it truly is what we believe in and not just based on facts but also on our very own experience.

First of all we would like to clarify that there is a big difference between a baby having a food allergy or a baby having a food sensitivity. The reaction of a  food allergy is caused by the immune system while a food and ingredient sensitivity is triggered by the digestive system. Always seek advice with your pediatrician if you suspect your baby having an allergic reaction or food sensitivity.

As parents, especially first time parents, we are always on the lookout for any  little sign that could indicate that our baby is not doing well. How many spit ups are normal? Why does the baby have so much gas? Is occasional diarrhea something to worry about? While some mild symptoms can be absolutely normal, others should not be ignored.

It seems that some healthy babies suddenly started  suffering health issues when formula was introduced to their diets, as many of our friends with babies, customers and even one of our team members experienced first hand. Increased fussiness or discomfort during or after the feeding, increased gassiness, irregular stool, rashes and excessive spitting up were common symptoms after feeding baby formula.

After countless trips to the pediatricians and doing online research numerous parents found out that their baby simply could not tolerate the formula they were being fed and this was due to the formula´s ingredients.

All of these parents tried to feed their baby the best formula that was available for them in stores in the US, however kept running into ingredients that were alarming:  Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO), DHA and ARA, Sucrose, Soy, Dioxin and Melanin etc.  See our article The importance of becoming a label detective for more information. 

Another recurring name found in baby formulas was Carrageenan, while its used to bind proteins it also causes major digestive problems in babies, and again is banned by the European Union as studies also relate it to cancer. Unfortunately the list goes on.


drinking milk

Shouldn't baby formula be one of the safest products by law?  

While America is without a doubt one of the greatest countries on earth, its baby formulas are still far from it. For instance, would you feed your baby a spoon of sugar? You wouldn't. But Sucrose is a common ingredient in American baby formulas, while  the European Union has banned sucrose from baby formula due to a concern over child obesity problems. Sucrose, though named differently is simple table sugar. Babies need the formulas to taste sweet however, but there is something much more natural than sugar and it's called: Lactose.

When our first born, Eleanora´s mom ran low on breastmilk and it was time to add a formula to her diet we had already done countless hours of research. We were worried to say the least that American Formulas (or Formulas available on shelves in the US) included a minimum of one harmful  ingredient that was banned in Europe. Luckily this is when we came across Holle and Lebenswert, and though it was a huge hussel to get it in the US (we will talk more about this in another article) Eleanora was fed Lebenswert and Holle formula right from the start.

Eleanora adapted great to the new formula and had none of the common issues that other babies in her age seem to have with other formulas. We were so happy with Lebenswert that we recommended it to other parents, especially to those whose babies have had bad reactions on other formulas. The feedback from them was amazing, almost all of the symptoms their babies had suffered on other formulas went away almost immediately. This included:

  • Gas
  • Digestion Colic
  • Fussiness
  • Spitting up
  • Dairy sensitivities (with Holle Goat)

Not only did their symptoms disappear but the babies were overall happier, had more energy and also slept much better.


The benefits of a organic baby formula


This was mainly due to the fact that Holle and Lebenswert have minimal ingredients and never include: Corn syrup, Sugar, Soy, Gluten, preservatives. The milk comes from the best possible sources which is grass-fed cows, 100% Organic, hence no risk of hormones or antibiotics.  

We decided to set up our own online store to facilitate these magical formulas to parents in the US and the reviews came in quickly. Other parents seem to agree exactly what we had seen in babies that switched to Holle and Lebenswert:

“ Best formula for gassy baby...”

“ Within 3 days of supplementing breast milk with Holle Pre my premie grandson stopped being colicky and gassy. We used Pre for a month and a half and then switched to Stage 1. He turned 2 months yesterday and is rolling over, scooching along on his belly, laughing, responding with smiles and giggles, incredibly alert and sleeps soundly during naps and at night. I´m stunned. I highly recommend this formula”

“ Amazing! Absolutely love Holle, especially since its safe for my little one who has very bad food allergies.”

“ My experience with Organic Baby Food Shop has been perfect, they ship extremely fast and this is one of the few places I can find Lebenswert Formula that I give to my 1 year old daughter. She has a mild dairy sensitivity (when she eats yogurt, cheese, milk etc) this formula does not cause any reaction. So grateful, thank you for carrying this product in the United States”

These are all real reviews we have received from many happy parents that have switched or use Holle and Lebenswert formulas, and there are so many more.

What is your experience with Formula? We would love to know.

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