Foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Foods to avoid while breastfeeding

January 24, 2019

You've been pregnant for around 9 months. Your baby is here at last and you're thinking, oh I could kill a hot, strong, frothy, chocolate topped coffee.

Hold the phone…

You're not out of the woods yet…

If you're lucky enough to be successfully breastfeeding you still have to watch your diet!

Don't worry, the Organic Baby Food Shop has your confusion covered.  We've consulted different medical sources and come up with a list of what not to eat while breastfeeding. If you want to know what to eat while breastfeeding for a good nutrition, then take a look at this other post we wrote some time ago. 


What not to eat while breastfeeding

1. Alcohol
Yes, we know, that's a year and a half alcohol free. But do you know what? 
The time flies. Often you don't even want it. And if you do, the odd one won't hurt if you have it a few hours before feeding. You could even plan ahead and pump a few bottles of milk so that you can have a few drinks and dinner with the girls.

2. Caffeine
Well that is the worst. No coffee? But I'm sleep deprived to the point of torture! Oh yeah, that’s right, coffee is a stimulant, and you don't want your baby hyped up on coffee. You could drink decaf so that you're psychologically convincing yourself you are having actual coffee. Don’t underestimate the power of your mind. One of our moms here did it and swears by it!

3. Fish
There's good fish and bad fish. Sounds like a bad movie title right? But when it comes to fish they carry levels of mercury which is a neurotoxin... Bad for your babies brain! But… fish is great for proteins… so… the ones to avoid when breastfeeding are the top of the chain predators; shark, swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel.

4. Peppermint, parsley and sage
These can impact milk production. We are sure that you can do without these green garnishes while you're breastfeeding.

5. Spicy foods and spices like chilli, garlic and curry.
Another logical one. If it's tough on your tummy it's tough on your milk and tough on your baby's delicate system.

6. Garlic
Some babies are turned off by the flavor of breastmilk if mom has a diet that is high in garlic. Not all babies! So, if it's a real love that you can't do without, try testing 1 week with garlic in your diet and 1 week without and see how your baby reacts.

7. Chocolate
Another delectable stimulant. It is also very high in sugar and best to avoid 
where possible. Not to mention the possible traces of nuts and the allergies and ahhhhhh! Help us!

8. Citrus fruits and their juices, like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit
The acids present in citrus fruits are hard on tummies and a bit tough on your baby’s digestive system.

10. Strawberries
These are a common allergy and although it wouldn't be strong in your breastmilk it's good to watch out for allergy symptoms in your baby and if they show any signs, avoid the sweet red fruit.

11. The "gassy" veggies (onion, cabbage, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, and peppers)
Gas in you converts to gas in them. If you've had a colicky baby you'll understand the desire to avoid any extra work in the gas department!

12. Fruits with a laxative effect, such as cherries and prunes
It's just a whole lot of nappy changing, red bums and grumbling.

So there is a good starting point for you. As always, look for signs and listen to your baby's reactions. 

Now we’d like to share a really personal experience with you to show you just how tricky this can be.

One of our moms here at the Organic Baby Food Shop noticed her bub was happier when she cut lactose from her diet. She was at the end of her patience with crying, the 5-8pm non-stop screaming. And yes, she had burped her bub til she could burp no more. She had tried walks with bub in the baby carrier to make the gasses move down and out. She tried hot baths, tummy time. She was desperate! So she tried a diet change and cut coffee (even decaf), chocolate, went to soy milk, and tried to minimize or eradicate lactose from her diet. And her baby improved so much! As her baby grew it turned out she did indeed have a lactose intolerance so it takes a bit of common sense and reading your babies signals. Consider your family history and consult your pediatrician.

And remember, the time flies and it is so worth any sacrifice you have to make.

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