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5 great foods you should feed your child before turning 1 year old

October 10, 2018

To introduce your baby to new foods is, to say the least, a lot of fun. Starting at 4 to 6 months your baby is ready to start their culinary journey to solid foods.

While there is no hard rule of what your baby should try first (though you should avoid honey and choking hazards), it is your personal choice to start with rice cereals, pureed organic chicken, organic vegetables or organic fruit. Ideally offer your baby just one new food every 3 days, to carefully monitor any allergic reaction.

Here is a list of our favorite foods that can be fed starting at approx. 6 months:


salmonDHA and Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for cognitive development and Salmon is packed with it. Ideally, try to feed your baby Salmon once a week. You can mash cooked Salmon into a puree with some healthy organic vegetables. Make sure the Salmon is wild-caught if possible.


berriesThese antioxidant-packed with vitamins little things are very appealing to babies due to their bright red and dusky blue colors! You can feed organic berries chopping them up as finger food, or blending them into a smoothie.

Organic Spinach and other healthy leafy greens

spinachDon't get intimidated if your baby pulls a funny face or even refuses to eat new foods, such as spinach and other leafy greens. Organic Spinach is a great source of nutrients and your baby should not miss out on them. Even if your little one refuses to eat spinach, don't give up,  it can take a few times, but once your baby is accustomed to the earthy taste, they will love healthy greens such as kale and chard.

Whole Grains

grainsThere is so much more to whole grains than rice cereal. Cereals made from oats, quinoa, brown rice such as other organic whole grains are also a great option to feed to your little one.

Organic Squash

squashThe sweet flavor of mashed squash makes it the number one baby food for a good reason. Packed with Vitamin A, its consistency and flavor make it almost irresistible for your little one. With Halloween coming soon, Squash is definitely something your baby should eat.

What are your baby's favorite first foods?

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